Ms. LaBonz

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Name: Ms. LaBonz
Occupation: Teacher
Relationships: Tina Belcher (student), Gene Belcher (student), Louise Belcher (student), Mr. Ambrose (coworker), Phillip Frond (coworker), Miss Twitchell (coworker), Coach Blevins (coworker), Mr. Branca (coworker), Zeke (student), Jimmy Jr. (student), Regular-sized Rudy (student), Courtney Wheeler (student), Darryl (student), Tammy Larsen (student), Jocelyn (student), Andy Pesto (student), Ollie Pesto (student)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Ms. LaBonz is a recurring character in Bob's Burgers. A teacher at Wagstaff and chain smoker, her noticeably deepening voice over the course of the show is one of her more memorable traits, other than perhaps the resentment she shows towards the majority of other people, student and teacher alike, at Wagstaff.


Ms. LaBonz has no known canonical pairings. However, she may rarely be shipped with other Wagstaff faculty members.

Common Tropes and Themes

LaBonz's smoking is her main defining trait, attributing to her gravelly voice and irritability. She is also known to steal supplies from the school, and has a specific hatred towards Mr Frond.

Example Fanworks

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