Coach Blevins

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Name: Coach Blevins
Occupation: Teacher
Relationships: Tina Belcher (student), Gene Belcher (student), Louise Belcher (student), Ms LaBonz (coworker), Philip Frond (coworker), Miss Twitchell (coworker), Mr Ambrose (coworker), Mr Bronca (coworker), Zeke (student), Jimmy Jr. (student), Regular-sized Rudy (student), Courtney Wheeler (student), Darryl (student), Tammy Larsen (student), Jocelyn (student), Andy Pesto (student), Ollie Pesto (student)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Coach Blevins is a recurring character in Bob's Burgers.


A teacher of both gym and science, Coach Blevins is one of Wagstaff’s busiest and most enigmatic. Rumours are spread about him daily, however very little is actually known about the man.


Blevins allegedly split from his wife, and was found sleeping under the gym bleachers because of it, however no other canonical pairings are known. Fanon may see him paired with other Wagstaff faculty.

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