One Merlin Comm to Link Them All

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Journal Community
Name: One Merlin Comm to Link Them All
Date(s): 06 October 2009 - August 2013 (last entry)
Founder: evebolt
Type: link list
Fandom: Merlin
URL: merlin_list (LiveJournal); archive link

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One Merlin Comm to Link Them All was a Merlin community with links to all the Merlin-related comms out there.
This is nothing new or original, I just took the lists that already existed, updated them a bit and reposted them here. [...] Original lists were found on x_merlin and merlin_ljguide, cross-referenced, updated and posted here. I claim no credit for most of the work.
Last updated 12 November 2011.

Link List



  • anon_merlinfic For posting anonymous fanworks with the option of receiving concrit.
  • beyond_albion It's a community for non-English fanfics in the Merlin fandom, either for and by non-English Merlin fans, and/or for all those who want to practice another language by reading / writing fics.
  • camelot_haven A place for non-slash Merlin (BBC) fans to share their love for the fandom
  • camelot_kink For all things kink based on the BBC's Merlin. Slash, het and multiple partners welcome.
  • camelot_tree The slightly more "unorthodox" pairings in Camelot.
  • harlequinmerlin Harlequin AUs for BBC's Merlin
  • kinkme_merlin An Anonymous Merlin Kink Meme.
  • merlin100 Merlin fics in exactly 100 words.
  • merlin_betas BBC Merlin Beta Readers
  • merlin_bunnies Plot bunny resource
  • merlin_drabbles Drabbles and challenges for the BBC show Merlin
  • merlinfic A fanfiction community for the BBC series Merlin.
  • merlin_finders Merlin fic finding resource.
  • merlingen Gen-fics and art of the new BBC show "Merlin"
  • merlinrpf Merlin BBC Real Person Fiction/Icons.
  • merlinslash This is a community for any and all slash related things for BBC's new series Merlin.
  • merlinthreesome Merlin Threesomes
  • merlin_tweetfic Community for Merlin related 140 character fan fics/poems/prose
  • merlin_trufax Crack!fic community?
  • merlin_xovers - crossovers
  • team_smuff Smuff = Smut and fluff.
  • whizzbangpop A shorter Merlin Big Bang community, catering to fans who wish to write shorter fics than regular Big Bang.


Fiction and Art

  • merlin_6x6 Prompt community for Merlin fic and art.
  • merlin_benders For fanworks related to crossdressing, genderbending, and mpreg in the Merlin (BBC) fandom.
  • merlin_cliche Cliché fiction and art
  • merlin_femslash A place to encourage, celebrate, and promote female/female pairings within the Merlin fandom.
  • merlin_holidays Fic/art gifting community. *New*
  • merlin_muses A community focused on inspiring Merlin fanworks.
  • merlinreversebb Reverse Big Bang where fic is created from art prompts. *New*


Vids/Music etc.

Pairing Specific Communities

Character/Actor Specific Communities


Seasonal Challenges


Meet Ups

International Fans

  • lamarcadenimueh Un lugar para los fans de Merlín en español.
  • merlinaustralia A community for all the Australian fans of the BBC's Merlin
  • merlinarthur_it Prima community slash italiana incentrata sull'amore epico tra Merlin e Arthur
  • merlin_canada Canadian Fans of the BBC Show Merlin
  • merlin_de Merlin Comm for German Fans
  • merlinfanz_usa Merlin Fan Comm By US Fanz For US Fanz
  • merlin_italia Community italiana dedicata alla serie tv della BBC Merlin
  • merlinnyc Fan of the BBC's Merlin, in or near NYC
  • merlin_us A support group for American (and other non-UK) fans of BBC's Merlin