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Journal Community
Name: harlequinmerlin, Harlequin Merlin
Date(s): 10 December 2008
Moderator: mklutz, rageprufrock, ras_elased, thehoyden
Founder: mklutz
Type: community
Fandom: Merlin
URL: harlequinmerlin
community banner by mklutz

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harlequinmerlin is a community for Merlin Harlequin AUs. It's a place to post fanfiction or fanart that is harlequin-based.

Description: "Remember your favourite trashy romance novels? The rom-coms that are your guilty pleasure? You know you want to write the Merlin version of You've Got Mail, or Arthur as a cowboy, or really any over the top romantic and slightly ridiculous scenario that comes to mind."[1]

Notable Stories that were written for harlequinmerlin:

  • Lord Drake's Bequest. Arthur needs to marry to take control of Tintagel Distribution. Fortunately he knows the right man for the job. (Modern AU, Marriage of Convenience)
  • Easy There. Arthur is an Oxford Blue. Merlin is an Oxford cox. Lancelot is Merlin's romantic-dalliance-loving friend. Morgana is horribly clever; Gwen is cleverly waiting for Lancelot to grow up. Merlin and Arthur rub each other the wrong way, at first, but it soon becomes clear that Arthur is a university-class rower with a world-class heart. Clichés ensue.


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