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Pairing: Alhaitham/Kaveh
Alternative name(s): Kavetham, Haikaveh, 🏛🌱, アルカヴェ
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Canonical?: Unclear
Prevalence: Popular
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Kavetham, or Haikaveh is the slash relationship between Alhaitham, the Akademiya's scribe and Kaveh, an architect from the Sumeru region for the Genshin Impact Fandom. They are secret roommates, Kaveh living in Alhaitham's house as he has no job and no money.


Despite appearing infrequently in the storyline, Kaveh has become a popular character among fans. All of his appearances thus far have revolved around his interactions with Alhaitham, and the dynamic between them has caught the attention of many. They seem to argue with each other like an old married couple, and Kaveh appears to be terrified of other people finding out that they live together. As a result, their ship has gained popularity and is becoming a hot topic among fans. Some have pointed out that their relationship isn't very healthy since Kaveh has become financially dependent on Althaitham, and they have had more than one heated argument - whether in person or through notes on the Akademiya's news board, which anyone can read. Despite this, the fact that the status of their relationship is somewhat ambiguous, made it a popular ship and it had the potential to enter the top 10 ships on AO3. In February 2023, only 100 stories separated it from Kamisato Ayato/Thoma, the then-current ship in the 10th spot.

In March 2023, the ship entered the top 10 ships on AO3, replacing Ayathoma and is currently ranked number eight. As of June 2023, the ship has reached top 3 ships on AO3, with 5654 stories. It surpassed Kaeluc on August 2023, becoming the second most popular ship on AO3 Genshin Impact category.

Canon hints

  • The Chinese short descriptions of Alhaitham and Kaveh can form a duilian, a chinese couplet style with strict requirements for character length and tone (tweet source), which fans have taken as a deliberate hint.
Alhaitham: 学识, 思考及处事之道 (Knowledge, Contemplation, and Way of Comportment)

Kaveh: 体悟, 仁爱与识美之知 (Empathy, Compassion, and Understanding of Beauty)

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