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Name: Gary Mitchell
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Gary Mitchell is a human character who appears in the Star Trek: TOS episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before." He was Kirk's best friend at the academy. Gary is killed by the end of the episode after acquiring dangerous psychic powers.

There was a brief period before Star Trek Into Darkness came out when fans on Tumblr thought Benedict Cumberbatch would play him in the movie, but it was not to be.[1]

The Fanon Gary Mitchell

Although a one-shot character, Gary Mitchell makes appearances in many Star Trek fanworks. He has even shown up as a significant secondary character in some Star Trek (2009) fanfiction, such as strive seek find yield by waldorph.

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Some Gary Mitchell Vids

Some Gary Mitchell Art

On the show, superpowered!Gary acquired pale, sparkly eyes and had a tendency to tilt his head oddly.[2] Fan artists represented these visual traits faithfully.

Some Gary Mitchell Fiction

  • "Direct Hit" by A.T. Bush from the zine Scattered Stars #3: (Kirk and Gary Mitchell crash land on a deserted planet after a battle with Earthʼs enemy, and discover that a Vulcan warrior from the other side is also stranded there.)
  • "La'Yan" by Dovya Blacque from the zine Act 5 #1: (Spock confesses his love for Kirk after relating his observations of Kirkʼs reaction to Zephren Cochane, the same reaction he has to women and had to Gary Mitchell.)

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