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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: La'Yan
Author(s): Dovya Blacque
Date(s): 1985, 1986, 1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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La'Yan is a Spock/Kirk/OMC story by Dovya Blacque. It has an illo by Gayle F.

first page
art by Gayle F for part one
art by The Southern Cross for part three

It was published in three parts. Part one in Act 5: #1, parts two and three in Shades of Grey #1 and #4.


Part 1: "A distress call from Zefram Cochrane turns the ENTERPRISE back not long after having left Cochrane and the Companion. With the Companion burnt out by her contact with the commissioner, Cochrane chooses to rejoin the galaxy. On the way to his new life, some complex and highly personal revelations come about concerning Kirk and Spock, their feelings for one another… and their feelings for their just-found friend."

Part 2: "Only a few days left before the ship reaches Starbase and Zefram Cochrane finds himself growing closer and closer to Kirk and Spock... and Kirk and Spock find the same happening to them. The strange and immediate affinity between the three reaches the point of a lifetime decision: does the relationship remain as it is... or does it develop further?"

Part 3: "While on Earth, having put in his request for assignment to ENTERPRISE, Cochrane is approached by many representatives of Federation worlds, all eager to talk to this living legend. All the new beings he meets fascinate Cochrane, but none more than Sarek of Vulcan. Meanwhile, Kirk and Spock try to deal with their new relationship, McCoy's building jealousies, and their mutual sense of loss at Cochrane's continued absence."

Reactions and Reviews

Having read the original story, I found the sequel to be lacking a bit. The tension between Zephram Cochrane and Kirk and Spock builds to a breaking point in this sequel and is admirably dealt with, the love scenes are inventive and tender, but it just doesn't quite hold up to the first part of the story. I enjoyed PART 2, but couldn't help feeling let down a bit by it, something that happens quite often with sequels. [1]
The crowning ornament of the zine is "La'Yan Part II" by Dovya Blacque. It is the sequel to "La'Yan" in ACT FIVE, SCENE ONE and deals with the concept of a committed triad between K/S and Zephrem Cochrane. The reason why I find this idea so attractive is because I believe that both Kirk and Spock are heroes, and that they could only love a man who is on a similar level of greatness. Cochrane's doubts about his ability to keep up with 23rd century technology reminds me of Jerry's doubts in TIME OUT OF MIND by Keith Donovan and Nathan St. Germaine. Jerry didn't have Cochrane's stature, which make shim less convincing in comparison with the inventor of the warp drive. Cochrane outclasses any mundane computer genius. The internal conflicts brought about in Cochrane by all those years of isolation are generally well-portrayed in the story. There is a helpful introductory plot summary of the first part of "La'Yan" for those who haven't read it. [2]


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