Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial

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Name: Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial
Abbreviation(s): Folgers Incest Commercial, Folgercest
Creator: Folgers
Date(s): 2009 - present
Medium: commercials
Country of Origin: United States
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The Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial, aka Folgers Incest Commercial fandom relates to a 2009 holiday TV commercial by the coffee brand Folgers. In the commercial, a brother and sister reunite for the holidays and are very happy to see each other.

This squicked a lot of viewers, but fans of incest pairings found it hilarious and often reblogged it on Tumblr. A fandom grew from it, fanfiction posted to Archive of Our Own and fanart to Tumblr, and fans often put their favorite incest pairings inside that trope: Sam/Dean, Anna/Elsa, etc.

The fandom is also called Folgercest.

"When Folgers created its 2009 ad about a brother and sister's touching reunion, the brand certainly didn't mean for it to become an anthem for incest. But something about the meaningful looks exchanged between the siblings and their oddly uncomfortable repartee has caused it to be remembered as "the Folgers incest commercial.""[1]
"okay hold up, hold up, you need to see the commercial because the sexual tension in there is INSANE....

In fact, it’s so crazy sexually charged that it’s downright legendary. Which is why people actually ship them. And whenever people ship anyone… you get smutty fanfics on AO3.

Someone brings it up every Christmas, ala “look’s like it’s the season of the incest coffee commercial again!”. It’s probably one of my favourite things. I find it hilarious. And adorable. Except for the incest bit."[2]
"That f**king incesty Folgers commercial has more fanfics than some of my rare pair OTPs"[3]


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  2. Can you explain the Folgers incest commercial you reblogged, particularly the significance of the archive website attached to it?
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