Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial

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Name: Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial
Abbreviation(s): Folgers Incest Commercial, Folgercest, Folgerscest
Creator: Folgers Coffee brand
Date(s): 2009 – present
Medium: TV commercial
Country of Origin: United States
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The Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial, also known as Folgers Incest Commercial or Folgercest fandom, relates to a 2009 holiday commercial by the coffee brand Folgers. In the commercial, a brother and sister reunite for the holidays and proceed to have Eye Sex with each other.

This squicked a lot of viewers, but fans of incest pairings found it hilarious and often reblogged it on Tumblr. A fandom grew from it, with fanfiction posted to Archive of Our Own and fanart to Tumblr.

When Folgers created its 2009 ad about a brother and sister's touching reunion, the brand certainly didn't mean for it to become an anthem for incest.

But something about the meaningful looks exchanged between the siblings and their oddly uncomfortable repartee has caused it to be remembered as "the Folgers incest commercial."[1]

The Commercial


The ad is a remake of the 1986 ad "Peter Comes Home For Christmas," which ran for many years. In 2009, the company decided to remake it. The brother was played by Matthew Alan, and the sister was played by Catherine Combs.

The commercial officially stopped airing after the 2012 holiday season.


The commercial is shot like a romance. It adheres to the conventions of how you shoot pining and unresolved sexual tension, with lingering looks and the shy smiles. The subtext has less to do with the fact that she sticks the bow on his chest, and more to do with how the camera lingers on her face in the moment before she does: shy but wanting to make a move, her eyes flickering over him.

If I ever make a romantic movie then I want the actors from that Folgers commercial to play the main characters because the chemistry is REAL



The fic created for the commercial played a significant role into turning it from a meme into an actual fandom. Fans have commented with humorous disbelief on the number of fics published for this niche "fandom":

That f**king incesty Folgers commercial has more fanfics than some of my rare pair OTPs[3]

retweet if your rarepair has less fics than the folgers incest commercial [4]

It persists in its meme from as well, though.[5]

Fics come in two distinct types:

  1. Extensions of the story begun in the commercial, featuring our two unnamed protagonists.
  2. Stories that use the commercial as a sort of mad-libs script, rewriting it with a pair of siblings from their favourite fandom (a Home for the Holidays AU, if you will). Such fics are typically tagged as a crossover between Folgers and the other fandom.

With the former, popular tropes include:

  • The reason the brother joined the Peace Corps was to get as far away from home as possible, trying to outrun his incestuous feelings.
  • The box contains a wedding ring, and our boy is about to propose.
  • Jabs at the idea that Folgers is "real coffee".

As a small fandom, the Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial qualifies, and is regularly nominated, for Yuletide. It first appeared as a Yuletide fandom in 2011.[6]



Pure Folgers

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One deeply aesthetic stolen moment.
The Son Rises [5] by ShimmerShadowsDate: 19 November 2019Length: 279
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Mad-libs for Another Ship

She Came Home [6] by orphan_accountFandom: ElsannaDate: 21 May 2014Length: 480
A very classic example of the mad-libs style Folgers fic.
Folgers [7] archive by pines-fixFandom: PinecestDate: 18 November 2014Length: 981
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Returned Present [8] by AzdaemaFandom: Luke/LeiaDate: 12 December 2017Length: 1.2k
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fresh bro-ed coffee [9] by epiproctanFandom: SheithDate: 18 December 2018Length: 3k
Actor AU where the characters are not siblings, but play siblings while secretly pining for one another. Said pining seeps heavily into their performance.







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