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Synonyms: eye!sex, eye!fuck, eye fucking
See also: Slash Goggles, UST, Pining
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Eye sex refers to a heated gaze between two characters. Sometimes the gaze is seen as eye sex through slash goggles, though other times (especially in canonical relationships), the gaze is canon. Some fandoms appear to use the term more often than others.


  • Professional Wrestling is rather reknowned for its eye-sexing potential. Often fans will use slash goggles to read intense gazes as being something more than hatred/anger/tension in feuds, and many a fanwork has been inspired by them.[1]
  • DCU, being a comics-based fandom, relies on artist vision to create tension in scenes. Fans often read the dialog in transformative ways.[2]
  • Oz (HBO)
  • Heroes was known for fans commenting on the eye sex between Claire Bennett and Peter Petrelli. The characters are niece and uncle. The actors were a couple.
  • The Television Without Pity Smallville forum included a thread for the Gayest Look Of The Episode (shortened to GAYLE) to critique whether Omar G had awarded this to the correct scene in his episode recap. When a semi-official site gives out an award for slashy eyesex each episode and the fans get to argue whether another scene was slashier, you know you've hit paydirt.
  • This trope is hugely popular in the Supernatural fandom, especially in the Dean/Castiel community. Fans have claimed that it's transcended "eye sex" and become "eye making-love".[3]
  • Other fandoms? Merlin? White Collar? Sherlock?


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