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Everyone is Related occurs when one character is/turns out to be a close relation of another character, something that's either established or comes as a surprise. This trope also happens, and perhaps more often, in crossovers.

General Examples of this Trope

Examples of this Trope in "The Sentinel"

The Sentinel and Blair's unknown father provides a wide palette for this trope to play out.

Examples of this trope in "Once Upon A Time"

Spend a little more time in this town, love, you'll realise just about everyone's related

Captain Hook to Elsa - Once Upon A Time: Season 4 Episode 6

The show OUAT has a reputation within fandom for this trope in canon, and hence fanworks often incorporate it. Memes about both the complexity and obsurdity of the family tree are fairly common, especially since the series includes such a wide variety of fairy tale and Disney characters. Henry Mills being the grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming, being adopted by the Evil Queen (who later gets together with Robin Hood), and marrying Cinderella is only a fraction of the show's canonical relationship strangeness, and fanworks and headcanons are more than happy to make comments on how everyone is seemingly related to everyone else.