Abby Sciuto

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Name: Abby Sciuto, also known as Abigail and Abbs
Occupation: Forensic Specialist, NCIS
Fandom: NCIS
Other: Played by actress Pauley Perrette
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Abby Sciuto is a forensic specialist at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service - shortly NCIS, headquarters at the Washington Naval Yard, with expertise in ballistics, digital forensics, and DNA analysis. In the first episode for season 7, "Truth or Consequences", DiNozzo, while under the influence of a truth serum, describes her as "a paradox wrapped in an oxymoron smothered in contradictions in terms. Sleeps in a coffin. Really, the happiest goth you'll ever meet." Her gothic style of dress and her interest in death and the supernatural enigmatically contrast with her generally hyperactive demeanor and enthusiasm about her work. Additionally, she's a devout Catholic and often goes bowling with a team of nuns, and helps build homes for the charity Habitat for Humanity.

Her parents were both deaf, and she is proficient in sign language. In Season 9 it was revealed that they adopted her at a very young age. Her true parents are unknown. She has an adoptive brother, chef Luca Scioto, and a biological brother, pet-shop owner Kyle Davis, whom she met when they both volunteered to be organ donors. Kyle has no knowledge of their true parentage and does not learn of their relationship until season 10.

In 2017 it was announced that the character will leave the show at the end of season 15 in 2018.

Common Pairings

Mostly Abby is paired with Gibbs, Ziva and McGee.

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