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Anthropomorfics are fanworks featuring anthropomorphic personifications of ideas or inanimate objects; they are sometimes considered a kind of original fiction or a fandom unto itself.

See the Wikipedia Entry on Anthropomorphism for more information on anthropomorphism in general.

These stories are usually short crack. Some demonstrate Rule 34 (that you can find porn about anything on the internet), while others are written to make a fannish political point, as in the Pink Guy/Blue Guy/Pinata slash which was written to mock the Fanlib advertisements.

The classic form of anthropomorfic gives voice to ideas or inanimate objects (such as a lab table, or Atlantis).[1] There is mathematical anthropomorfic, and also physics anthropomorfic (one memorable story slashed Qualitative and Quantitative).[2]

Anthropomorfic has also been written which pairs personified LiveJournal with personified Fandom.[3]

Stories with fandoms based in anthropomorphic sources, such as the Mac/PC commercials, may also be termed anthropomorfic.

In a variation on the theme, human characters from a given fandom may be cast as personified objects or animals. SGA fandom seems particularly prone to this, as John/Rodney slash has been recast as socks,[4] girl scout cookies,[5] ice cubes,[6] rainbows and unicorns,[7] wild turkeys,[8] and other items.

In Japanese-speaking fandoms, anthropomorfic works in any medium are called "gijinka" (擬人化). Gijinka works have increased in popularity since the success of Hetalia: Axis Powers, and both gijinka doujinshi and professionally published gijinka manga are now so common that people speak of a "gijinka boom" (擬人化ブーム). There are gijinka works about a wide variety of objects and ideas.

Notable Fandoms, Characters and Pairings

  • Mac/PC - fandom about the personifications of Mac and PC computers on the Apple Get a Mac commercial series. Most of the fic is PC/Mac slash, with other characters such as Opera, Firefox, and iPod making cameo appearances. There's very little fic about the actors—Justin Long (Mac) and John Hodgman (PC) -- just the characters.

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