Suez Canal Obstruction

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Name(s): Suez Canal Obstruction
Date(s): March 23, 2021
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Suez Canal Obstruction is an overnight fandom of anthropomorfics and memes that started on March 23, 2021, when the cargo ship Ever Given, one of the largest container ships in the world, got stuck sideways in the Suez Canal, thereby completely obstructing the canal and preventing any vessels from passing through.

The subject trended at Number 2 on Tumblr after an influx of memes and posts were created addressing it. Some pointed out the humour in seeing an actual ship trend for a change, rather than a fandom ship:

You know shit got real when the ship being spoken about on Tumblr is an ACTUAL SHIP[1]
Maybe you think a ship is problematic, but ask yourself this: is it wedged sideways in the suez canal disrupting 12% of global maritime trade? [2]

The strange curse of being a geography major and seeing commentary about “shipping” on this site only to realize it has nothing to do with containerization and the transformation of the global supply chain…




We are here for any kind of shipping as long as it’s problematic.[3]


Discussions and memes about the Suez Canal obstruction exploded across various online groups, some affiliated with various types of fandom, some not. This has, of course, warranted speculation about the popularity. As one tumblr user speculates, "they say disasters really bring people together and here’s one that doesn’t actually involve the death of anyone."[4]

Within fandoms, there have been various ways of responding to the Suez Canal obstruction. Media Fandom and RPF fandom have largely turned towards shipping with a side of shitposting, but video game fandom (particularly on Reddit) has also used it as an opportunity for fannish memes about how to get Ever Given unstuck.[5]

The Suez Canal debacle also intersected perfectly with the ongoing popularity of sea shanties, a phenomenon that began in 2020, and various fans wrote and recorded shanties about the situation, generally set to the tunes of existing popular sea shanties (refer to Filk & Fan Songs for examples).


A meme referencing Thor: Ragnarok, capitalism, the Suez Canal Obstruction and the GameStop/Wall Street saga. By mythgenderedloki on Tumblr.





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