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Synonyms: crack post, night blogging
See also: meme
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Shitpost is a term that came into use on Tumblr and has spread across internet platforms. Using the term acknowledges that the content may be low-effort and upolished, but the user is self-aware and it can nonetheless be amusing.

1. (noun) any content on the internet whose humor derives from its surreal nature and/or its lack of clear context. Differs from a meme: whereas a meme's humor comes from its repeatability, a shitpost is funny simply because it isn't a predictable repetition of an existing form. Shitposts can become memes, but memes cannot become shitposts.

2. (verb) to create such a post[1]

Shitposting is perhaps a later development of night blogging, a term which gained popularity on Tumblr in 2012, but fell out of fashion.

Night blogging begins usually around 11pm, and finishes in the early morning. Bloggers on tumblr will blog strange things, sometimes deep yet completely messed up, sometimes utterly meaningless, sometimes gifs of stupid things, and sometimes bloggers will even go as far as to question the existance of humanity in those few strange hours. The posts that are reblogged are generally irrelevant to the theme of the users blog, but yet the post is considered acceptable, because of course, it is night. [...] usually, if a blogger is online at night, they will find very strange posts on their dashboard.[2]


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