The Locked Tomb

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Name: The Locked Tomb
Abbreviation(s): GTN for Gideon the Ninth; HTN for Harrow the Ninth
Creator: Tamsyn Muir
Date(s): 2019, 2020, and 2021 (upcoming)
Medium: Novel
Country of Origin: New Zealand
External Links: Wikipedia, tag
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The Locked Tomb trilogy is a SFF horror book series written by Tamsyn Muir. The trilogy consists of:

  • Gideon the Ninth (published September 2019),
  • Harrow the Ninth (published August 2020)
  • and Alecto the Ninth (upcoming in 2021).

A tagline for the series is “lesbian necromancers in space”.



Spoiler Warning: This article or section contains spoilers about character names and roles. If this bothers you, proceed with caution.

The Locked Tomb trilogy primarily deals with the evolving and complex relationship between Gideon Nav and Harrowhark “Harrow” Nonagesimus against a backdrop of necromancy, intergalactic war, and the mysteries of Lyctorhood (aka: how one becomes God’s Dead Best Friend, a functional immortal with extremely powerful necromantic abilities? And what if doing so is a Very Bad Idea?). The trilogy is incomplete, pending the release of Alecto the Ninth.

Gideon the Ninth is told primarily from Gideon Nav’s point of view; Harrow the Ninth is told from Harrow’s.


  • Gideon Nav, a lean smug butch with huge biceps. She was an indentured servant to the House of the Ninth prior to the events of Gideon the Ninth. She is skilled in the use of the longsword and wears mirrored shades, and is known for cracking dirty jokes and being a massive lesbian.
  • Harrowhark “Harrow” Nonagesimus, heir to the House of the Ninth, titled the Reverend Daughter, and an extremely powerful necromancer adept in bone magic. At the start of Gideon the Ninth, she enlists Gideon against her will to join her as a Cavalier and compete to become a Lyctor.

Other House Necromancers and Cavaliers

In order of House (not series prominence):

  • Judith Deuteros (Necromancer, Second House)
  • Marta Dyas (Cavalier, Second House)
  • Ianthe Tridentarius (Necromancer, Third House)
  • Coronabeth Tridentarius (Necromancer (?), Third House)
  • Naberius "Babs" Tern (Cavalier, Third House)
  • Issac Tettares (Necromancer, Fourth House)
  • Jeannemary Chatur (
  • Abigail Pent (Necromancer, Fifth House)
  • Magnus Quill (Cavalier, Fifth House)
  • Palmedes Sextus (Necromancer, Sixth House, aka the Warden)
  • Camilla Hect (Cavalier, Sixth House)
  • Dulcinea Septimus (Necromancer, Seventh House)
  • Protesilaus Ebdoma (Cavalier, Seventh House)
  • Silas Octakiseron (Necromancer, Eighth House)
  • Colum Asht (Cavalier, Eighth House)


Not a comprehensive list:

  • Augustine the First
  • Mercymorn the First
  • Gideon/Ortus the First
  • Cytherea the First


  • John Gaius, aka God, aka the Emperor Undying, the Necrolord Prime, the Kindly Prince, etc.
  • The Body of the Locked Tomb
  • Commander Wake, aka Commander Awake Remembrance of These Valiant Dead Kia Hua Ko Te Pai Snap Back to Reality Oops There Goes the Gravity
  • Ortus Nigenad, former Cavalier Primary of the House of the Ninth
  • Teacher, of Canaan House

History of the Fandom

The fandom for the trilogy spans both books released thus far.

Some fans consider Gideon and Harrow’s relationship to be a prime example of the Enemies to Lovers trope, although some might consider it more accurately “Enemies to Grudging Allies to Allies to Friends to It’s Complicated Don’t Ask”. There are also some fans who consider Harrow’s interest in another character as a complication to the Gideon/Harrow ship dynamic. Other ship tropes which appear may include slow burn and mutual pining.

The fandom has tracked Tamsyn’s use of memes throughout her novels, and there are several posts on Tumblr where users react to finding a familiar meme in a passage.

As of September 2020, there are a little over 300 works in the AO3 tag for the series. Spoilers are common in fanfic for the series, and are difficult to avoid. An overwhelming majority of the fics are for femslash pairings, followed closely by genfic.


The most popular pairing for the series is overwhelmingly Gideon/Harrow, a femslash juggernaut ship.

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