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Name: Zoetrope
Alias(es): not_a_painter/notapainter, tarar
Type: writer, vidder, multimedia artist, slasher
Fandoms: Buffy, C6D, Due South, Entourage, Merlin, SGA
URL: Not A Painter, zoetrope @ DW
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Zoetrope is a writer, vidder, podficcer and multimedia artist.

In her earlier fandoms - Buffy and Due South - she was known by the alias tarar. Her works under this name included the popular comic This Is Where We'll End It, a Due South AU set after Mountie on the Bounty. This was an early experimentation in transforming screencaps into drawings.

Her work in SGA fandom, particularly the animated short Absolutely Cuckoo and her trailer for Hindsight, is often cited[1] along with Newkidfan[2] as an example of an experimental [3][4] approach to vidding, though others (er, Lim, basically) qualify that she is better understood as an example of an SGA approach to vidding.

Of her podfic, thingswithwings said:

"she's a gifted narrator; she has a way of sounding . . . not disinterested, really, but a little distanced from the story. A way of making it interesting and emotionally involving while still a step back, making me feel like she and I are co-conspirators, listening in on what John and Rodney and Ronon and Teyla are doing. But that's not to say that she lacks pathos [...]
In terms of accents, she has one of those soft posh English ones that makes my Canadian ear believe and trust every word she's saying (it's what colonialism does to you!). She has a tendency to read slowly, taking her time, making every story feel like it's unfolding inevitably before you. [...]
She's started playing around with adding music to her podfics, which I generally like. [...] I've never met a zoetrope podfic that I didn't like."[5]

Her smash hit multimedia piece Missed the Saturday Dance is housed at the Open Doors project.[6]

Due South

neu111 wrote in ds_profiles:

"Zoetrope is no longer active in the Due South fandom, hasn't been since ca. 2006, but she's left us some terrific pieces of fanart. She's an amazing multimedia artist and a very good fic writer. She's like the queen of animated icons and even if you think you don't know her, you probably have seen some of them. She has a great and justified rep as a vidder […]. As for her comics, they're a real treat to enjoy over and over." [7]

Examples of her works in Due South fandom include:

  • This is Where We'll End It (R, Fraser/Kowalski, comic in 30 parts) This one starts with the fight of Mountie on the Bounty. It's got everything you need in a Due South story: angst, slash and a happy ending. And a lot of pretty pics. A great job of adapting a ton of screencaps to write an original story as a comic (look out for the villain in part 25!)
  • DUE SOUTH PARK (PG, Fraser/Kowalski, gif) Don't get distracted by the pics, you MUST click on the link near the end of the post to get to watch this hilarious PWP in form of an animated image.Somewhere in the frozen North, horny!Fraser resorts to desperate means while sleepy!Kowalski just wants to sleep.


Zoetrope created a vid trailer for rageprufrock's Merlin AU Drastically Redefining Protocol where Arthur is the Prince of Wales.


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