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Halloween fics are episode related AU fics set during the season 2 Halloween episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These fics became so common that they got their own acronym in fandom, YAHF or Yet Another Halloween Fic.

In the episode, Ethan Rayne's spell causes everyone to transform into their costume characters. If the spell isn't broken by sunrise, the teenagers are permanently transformed. In canon the spell was broken and the memories and skills retained by characters varied.

In fanfiction, YAHF's often involve characters having different costumes to those presented in canon. This made this AU scenario very popular for crossover fics.

In some YAHF works the spell was not broken and the transformations become permanent.

YAHFs are sometimes considered badfics. Some early works were overly reliant on the events and/or dialogue in canon, and did not diverge much from canon. Many YAHFs were Xander-centric. Some of these overlapped with Xander specific tropes, such as Xander gets powers or Xander is special. Some fans disliked these tropes as they felt Xander became a Gary Stu character.

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