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Name/s: Elanor Graves, Ellie, Shadow, Silent Shadow
Fandom/s: Supernatural, Highlander, Due South, Smallville, Harry Potter, Alien Nation, Blake 7, Brimstone, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Farscape, First Wave, Hard Core Logo, The Fast And The Furious, Kindred: The Embraced , The Magnificent Seven, Man From U.N.C.L.E., Once a Thief, Miami Vice, Oz, Professionals, Sentinel, Star Trek, The Invisible Man, Undercover, Wiseguy, UltraViolet,The X-Files, X-Men, War of the Words, Wolf Lake, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Firefly, Forever Knight, The Sentinel
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I entered fandom through the internet. [1] I first heard about slash while I was in college that would in 1985 give or take a year. There was an article about Star Trek fans that contained a blurb about Kirk/Spoke slash zines, in our collage newspaper. I was dying to read those stories, but the article contained no contact information and I was still under the impression that I was shy back then.

Instead I spent my time reading Elf Steinberg's Journal Entries and other original gay fiction authors on and I also spent a great deal of time as a bisexual activist on and off the net.

It was several years later that I read my first star trek adult/slash story, Continuing Education by the Phantom , posted in alt.startrek.creative November 10, 1993. [2] I spend a great deal of time lurking the newsgroups looking for slash stories to read. [3]

It was there that I met Kathy Resch, a Star Trek zine publisher, and brought my first zines from her. I also met Alex, a Pros fan who introduced me to Pros fandom. She sent me tapes and some of her stories. I was introduced to Virgule-L September 9, 1995 [4] and the Pro's Circuit Library September 12, 1995. I attended my first slash con, ZebraCon, October 1995, then Virgule, in 1996 and then finally Escapade in 1997.

As mailing list became more commonly used newsgroups fell out favor. I was a member of Virgule-L, ROG-L, Senad, UNRESTRB5, slash-sis, slashpoint, CI5, ASCEM-L as (Silent Shadow). This would be sometime between 1995-1999.

In October 2005, I created my first live journal.


  1. ^ My first and second internet account was on a unix box and I had to telnet to my account. The first graphic web browser wasn't developed until 1993 which is also when commercial internet provider were first allowed to sell internet connection to individual users.
  2. ^ Continuing Education is the sequel to The Delightful Education of Julian Bashir an adult story posted to ASC, April 12, 1993. It was original posted to rec.arts.startrek.*, date unknown.
  3. ^ The newsgroup were where people on the net congregated back then. There weren't that many options available. It was either the newsgroups or mailing list and mailing list weren't so readily available as they are now. They were mainly hosted by universities or were paid for by the list owner.
  4. ^ You had to be sponsored by someone on list in order to join.