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Name: Ursula4x
Alias(es): Ursula
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: X-Files and Once A Thief, White Collar
Communities: Alex Krycek Hurt/Comfort or Die mailing list
URL: XFiles FanFic at Terma, Memorial Livejournal, Memorial Dreamwidth Journal, Fan Fiction at FanFiction.net, AO3 Fan Fic, WWOMB Fan Fic, Fan Fic at Fandom Haven Story Archive
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Ursula was an X-Files and Once A Thief fan writer. She co-moderated the X-Files Lisa e Krysa Awards along with the Alex Krycek Hurt/Comfort or Die mailing list. She passed on January 30 2012.

One fan remembers Ursula: "At the height of X-Files fandom, she ran several mailing lists, was active on just about every forum imaginable, and was a huge fan of Nick Lea and the character he portrayed, Alex Krycek. She continued to run the Nick Lea Holiday Zine - an online magazine of sorts in which stories about Nick and his characters were collected around Christmastime each year - every holiday season. She was also an accomplished fan fiction author. You can read many of her stories (including White Collar slash) at the WWOMB here.....Most of all, Ursula was incredibly generous and friendly, a longtime fixture in fandom who made even the newest fan feel welcome. Ursula was always quick to offer words of support in comments and more often than not emailed her words of feedback. She had many, many friends, all of whom will miss her terribly."[1]


  • "Although I didn't know her well back in the day we were involved in the same fandoms XFiles and OaT. I was a complete newbie yet she was very supportive in my first endeavors to write. She even beta'd a OaT piece and wrote/headed a round robin based on one of my bunnies. She'll be missed, sending my love and thoughts out to her family and friends."[2]
  • "She was an amazing person, full of originality and kindness, and really encouraging to other writers, including me."[3]
  • "Wonderful writer, listmom of several XF slash lists, the brain and force behind all those amazing X-mas zines. She was already there when I joined M/K slash in 2000 and there was hardly anyone so committed to Alex Krycek than she was."[4]