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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: AlexK-H-C-orD
Date(s): December 9, 2001-?
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Ursula4x
Fandom: X-Files
URL: mailing list
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AlexK-H-C-orD (or Alex Krycek Hurt/Comfort or Discipline) is a Yahoo! Groups mailing list that focuses on hurt/comfort fanfiction featuring Alex Krycek from X-Files or any character played by the actor Nick Lea. Fanfiction posted to the mailing list is archived at Fandom Haven Story Archive.

From the Welcome Message:

Please be aware that stories on this list will probably contain slash, may contain threesomes including two males and a het partner, may contain discipline, and will involve the hero suffering emotional and physical pain.

Other than having Alex Krycek or another Nick Lea character, any pairing stories except real people, underage sex (brief reference to sexual abuse or pre-adult sexual experiences are permitted, but not graphic depiction. No bestiality: I define this as sexual contact between an animal and a human. An intelligent transformed Unicorn is acceptable. A dog is not. An intelligent alien is fine, a sheep is not. These are my squicks or my boundaries. Members may publish links to RP stories if they wish, but stories will not be published on list.

Please put pairings and story type in the heading of your story.

screencap of the welcome page

Such as S/K/M = (Mulder/Skinner/Krycek)

  • S/K/Kim
  • het/slash Discipline H&C
  • Slash/H&C
  • Slash D

More examples:

Or whatever combination that tickles your fancy.

Not all stories may be to your liking. Applaud the ones that you like on or off list. No flames tolerated including negative comments about pairing or subject matter. Members who repeatedly bash genres, pairings, or fellow writers will be removed from the list.

Messages in this group are set to private. Reposting any message without the permission of all persons quoted is forbidden. Any reposting without the permission of all members quoted will result in banning from this list.

Some stories will involve discipline. You are not expected to read story styles you don't enjoy, but no flames. Use the delete key as needed.

PS This is [a fan]'s definition of discipline stories that she has let me use: "an agreement between two partners, arrived at mutually and voluntarily, wherein specific rules and boundaries are discussed and agreed upon. Consequences for each infraction are also discussed, and both parties agree. I prefer relationships in my stories wherein one partner is always dominant and the other is always submissive, but there are plenty of writers who write wonderful stories featuring equal and reciprocal relationships within which each partner might be subject to loving discipline by the other."

The address to the archive is here:

Autoarchive means that you need to upload your own stories. It's easy, but if you need more help, e-mail [the moderators] for more help.