two falling sparks

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Title: two falling sparks
Author(s): AJ (hermanngottlieb)
Date(s): 13 February 2020
Length: 14,475 words
Genre: Slash, Alternate Universe, Friends to Lovers, Fusion with Firewatch
Fandom: IT
External Links: AO3, Archived version

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two falling sparks is a Reddie Fanfic set in the Firewatch Universe.

"So, what’s your damage, Eds?Richie says.

Eddie blinks down at the walkie. He’s so tired, he’s been hiking all day and it’s only sheer exhaustion that’s keeping him from freaking out about how itchy he feels right now and how he doesn’t see a shower anywhere in here. He scrubs at his eyes and then presses the button again. “Excuse me?”

People take this job when they wanna get away from shit,Richie says casually, like they’re discussing the weather. “So what’s wrong with you?

“I — that’s — what the fuck’s wrong with you?” Eddie splutters. He’s way too fucking tired for this. Instinctively, he curls in the fingers of his left hand, running his thumb over the pale band of skin on his ring finger.

Richie laughs, a scratchy sound that makes Eddie’s chest tighten. “Hey man, maybe I just like trees.


Or, Eddie Kaspbrak, newly divorced, takes a summer job as a fire lookout in the Shoshone National Forest, with only the voice on the other end of his walkie talkie to keep him company. Inspired by the video game Firewatch.

Content Warnings


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Winchysteria commented, "hey look me in the eyes. look me in the eyes. 'Eddie's never been longed for before' took me out instantly from like 50 yards away. this fic was so good and i ADORE eddie-development-focused things and also the image of the fire towers is so fucking cinematic!!!! amazing work!!! i can already tell im gonna reread this"[1]

Inspired Fanworks

untitled, Archived version by SharkiFandom: ITDate: 18 February 2020Medium: FanartStatus: Complete
This fic is *chefs kiss* it made me want to draw fire watch Richie. It’s a very good slow burn.
• The author of two falling sparks replied to the fanart, "OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING hi this is my fic and i'm legit going to cry i'm so thrilled and honored that it inspired you to draw something???? wow!!!!!!"[2]
untitled, Archived version by Mads on Twitter, Archived versionFandom: ITDate: 22 February 2020Medium: FanartStatus: Complete
No longer sure if I like this but anyways @hermanngottIieb firwatch AU fic is one of my new fav #reddie fics
• The author of two falling sparks replied to the fanart, "OHHHHH MY GOSH *Pleading face**Pleading face**Pleading face**Pleading face**Pleading face**Pleading face**Loudly crying face**Loudly crying face**Loudly crying face**Loudly crying face**Loudly crying face**Loudly crying face**Two hearts**Two hearts**Two hearts**Two hearts**Two hearts*"[3]
• Anya said, "The colors are so good omg... and that is such a good fic ahbnnfh."[4]


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