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Name: AJ
Alias(es): hermanngottIieb, hermanngottlieb, JoshuaWashinton, Zach_Stone, ZachStone77
Type: Graphic Artist, Fan Writer
Fandoms: Good Omens, IT, Pacific Rim, Until Dawn
URL: Zach_Stone, Archived version on AO3, hermanngottlieb, Archived version on Carrd, hermanngottIieb, Archived version on CuriousCat, JoshuaWashinton, Archived version on Tumblr, ZachStone77, Archived version on Twitch, hermanngottIieb, Archived version on Twitter
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for whatever it's worth, Archived version Date: 14 September 2019Length: 6,151 wordsGenre: needs tags
Reacting on impulse, Richie lifts his hand and cups the side of Eddie’s face. His pulse is buzzing in his ears, and the shiver of fear over something so wholly mundane when they’re mere feet away from an enormous clown-spider feels absurd, but it happens all the same. He looks into Eddie’s face, and Eddie looks back, blurrily, and Richie feels such a horrible tenderness in his chest like he wants to wipe the blood from Eddie’s lips and cradle him in his arms. (Reddie)
we've been migratory animals, Archived version Date: 22 September 2019Length: 7,505 wordsGenre: needs tags
As they reach the town limits, he sees the sign up ahead: You are now leaving Derry. A thrill shudders through him — they’re out. Things will be different now, no more deadlight-visions swallowing him up inside. Richie rolls down his window, and before anyone can do more than look at him quizzically, he unbuckles his seatbelt, lifts himself up out of his seat somewhat, and leans out the window to flip the sign off. “Fuck you!” he bellows. The wind whips his hair into his eyes, and he lets out a slightly manic laugh. Then he feels hands grabbing at his shirt, and Eddie is yanking him back into the car. (Reddie)
it's time the kid got free, Archived version Date: 01 October 2019Length: 12,825 wordsGenre: needs tags
But now he remembers his childhood, and the fierceness of all the emotions he felt back then — love most of all. Love was a blood oath, it was Bev handing him the fencepost that could kill monsters, it was what made him throw that fencepost into Its gaping maw to save Richie from the deadlights. When it comes to what love feels like for Eddie, it’s always been — different, with Richie. He loves all of his friends with all of his heart, but Richie has burrowed in deeper, somehow, and if Eddie were a more dramatic or poetic man he might say he loves Richie in his bones, in his soul. But he isn’t, so he doesn’t say that, even if he maybe thinks it a little bit and feels ridiculous. (Reddie)
anything for a fan, Archived version Date: 05 October 2019Length: 3,001 wordsGenre: needs tags
It was fine, though. Just a stupid little celebrity crush; a safe, inaccessible outlet for Eddie’s deeply suppressed gay thoughts. He could pine away over Trashmouth Tozier from the comfort of his living room, clicking on video compilations with titles like “Top 10 Trashmouth Interview Moments” and only feel vaguely guilty. And then, of course, he gets a call from Mike Hanlon in Derry. (Reddie)
Buzzfeed Presents: Thirst Tweets with Richie Tozier, Archived version Date: 11 October 2019Length: 938 wordsGenre: needs tags
Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier (whose third Netflix special comes out January 2018) reads some of the internet’s thirstiest tweets about him — with some off-camera commentary from a special guest! (Reddie)
i am easy to find, Archived version Date: 15 October 2019Length: 47,202 wordsGenre: needs tags
25-year-old Richie Tozier doesn't know why he can't remember his childhood, or why he has nightmares about yellow eyes looming in the dark. Then he finds an old photo of friends he can't remember, and things start to change. A "what if Richie and Eddie found each other again during the 27 years" fic. (Reddie)
need to be youthfully felt, 'cause god i never felt young, Archived version Date: 14 November 2019Length: 3,602 wordsGenre: needs tags
It’s late enough in the afternoon that the sunlight streams warm and golden through the window, spilling a stretched rectangle of light across the foot of the bed, and Eddie and Richie have been making out for what feels like hours, but in reality has probably been like, twenty minutes. It’s still new, this thing between them — two weeks of finally confessing and allowing themselves to touch and want in a way that Eddie has never once let himself want before. (Reddie)
if i wait long enough, Archived version Date: 18 November 2019Length: 8,735 wordsGenre: needs tags
Eddie and Richie forget each other, but they keep ending up in each other's orbits during the 27 years apart. In the meantime, Eddie pushes back against the fears his mother has rooted in him. (Reddie)
like a song of love that clings to me, Archived version Date: 28 November 2019Length: 7,717 wordsGenre: needs tags
Richie and Eddie get married. A sequel to "i am easy to find, Archived version." (Reddie)
the past is gone (but something might be found to take its place), Archived version Date: 07 December 2019Length: 5,093 wordsGenre: needs tags
It's 1996 and Eddie's home from college for winter break. He grapples with thoughts of saying goodbye to Derry for good, his feelings for Richie, and a confession in the form of a mixtape. (Reddie)
my love a beacon in the night, Archived version Date: 21 December 2019Length: 4,518 wordsGenre: needs tags
Richie's spending Christmas Eve alone in a hotel while on tour — but Eddie has plans to fix that. (Reddie)
not quite like the movies, Archived version Date: 23 December 2019Length: 4,268 wordsGenre: needs tags
Eddie tries to seduce Richie at their friends' holiday party. It goes about as well as expected. (Reddie)
the fireworks that go off when you smile, Archived version Date: 24 December 2019Length: 10,063 wordsGenre: needs tags
Eddie seems in better spirits than before, and he gets some of the playful gleam back in his eyes after a few minutes, shoving Richie off the dock and into the water while laughing loudly. Richie comes up for air, water dripping all over his glasses, and the sight of Eddie’s head thrown back with laughter is enough to make him feel like he’s still below the surface, losing all his breath. (Reddie)
vanishing act, Archived version Date: 18 January 2020Length: 31,671 wordsGenre: needs tags
Vanishing Act is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by comedian Richie Tozier. Each season, Tozier explores the details of a different missing person case, with assistance from guest informant Eddie Kaspbrak. Vanishing Act has been running since summer 2013 and is on its third season. (Reddie)
so stay with me and i'll have it made, Archived version Date: 08 March 2020Length: 4,174 wordsGenre: needs tags
Richie wakes on March 7, 2001 to the sound of his alarm clock — which fell off the nightstand and onto the pillow next to him thirty minutes ago when he slapped the snooze button in a half-conscious daze — blaring directly into his ear. He groans, rolling onto his back, and presses the heels of his hands into his eyes. (Reddie)
you could still be what you want to be, what you said you were, Archived version Date: 23 March 2020Length: 15,616 wordsGenre: needs tags
In 1989, they fought the clown and Eddie learned how to be brave and take his life back for himself. In 2016, they killed the clown for good and he has to learn it all over again. An Eddie Kaspbrak character study about becoming your true self and falling in love with your best friend (twice). (Reddie)
man of fortune, Archived version Date: 16 May 2020Length: 6,135 wordsGenre: needs tags
Richie and Bev, seasoned treasure hunters, crash a black market auction, and Richie runs into an old flame. Inspired by the Uncharted series. (Reddie)
we get to make it up, Archived version Date: 31 May 2020Length: 2,497 wordsGenre: needs tags
Richie and Eddie spend an afternoon making banana bread together. (Reddie)
speak the language of love like you know what it means, Archived version Date: 06 June 2020Length: 2,396 wordsGenre: needs tags
Eddie gives Richie a haircut, and Richie reflects on intimacy. (Reddie)
when the sun goes low, Archived version Date: 24 June 2020Length: 5,140 wordsGenre: needs tags
Mike and Bill take three tries to get their timing right. (Hanbrough)

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