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The second WOAD collection was released in 2004 on 3 DVDs packaged together with booklets, covers, and custom labels. The disks were not themed this time, but rather vids were grouped for variety and presentation pacing. Destina, sisabet, and dr. dawn joined the original WOADies, along with several other partners in crime. Killa designed the intros and menus, as well as an easter egg. The first disk contained:

If You Were in My Movie Multimedia Jackie K Carol and I had been thinking about this vid, tossing ideas back and forth for at least six years. Finally, the technology caught up to our brains.

Clips from these sources were used in the vid: Daria, Stargate, Farscape, Firefly, The Silence of the Lambs, Tombstone, Dr. Zhivago, The Bride of Frankenstein, Smallville, The Maltese Falcon, Seven, L.A. Confidential, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Hard-Boiled, She Spies, The World Is Not Enough, First Wave, The X-Files, Boystown, Keys of the Kingdom, The Mission, Stigmata, The Exorcist, Batman, Dark Angel, Alias, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Some Like It Hot, White Heat, The Usual Suspects, Replacement Killers, Return of the Jedi, Lois & Clark, Spider-man, Angel, The Mummy, Birds of Prey, X-Men.
End of the World As We Know It Buffy the Vampire Slayer Luminosity I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The entire show, from beginning to end. I made this vid in the middle of Season 6. I had wanted to do a Multimedia-fandom vid to this song, but once I had seen all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I knew that it was all about them.
Cowboy Angel sisabet The deep proclamation made by this vid? Angel is hot. And a pimp. That is pretty much it.
A Perfect Way Marx Brothers T. Jonesy This song was huge when I was in college. I was taking a course in editing at the time and I loved the Marx Brothers. I wanted to make this vid. My editing professor wouldn’t let me use any footage I hadn’t shot myself. Well, screw you, professor, it took twenty years, but I made my vid! This is what happens when someone tells me I can’t do something.
Unpack Your Adjectives Stargate Carol S Listening to a compilation of School House Rock songs it became rapidly clear that this had to be a Stargate vid.
Swingin’ on a Star Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy and Killa T. Jonesy: Who woulda thought editing a vid to such a snappy song could lead to fits of depression and contemplation of suicide. Just for the record, don’t match an upbeat swing song to images that just don’t, well...swing! I thought I’d learned my lesson on this one, but I obviously didn’t (read liner notes for “Razzle Dazzle”).
I’ve Had It All Highlander Melina A snapshot of Duncan MacLeod’s life, circa Season 6. Thanks to Nicole for the wonderful song idea.
A Place in the World Stargate Carol S and destina Destina: I was having desperate urges to start vidding Stargate, but without equipment or understanding of the process, my vids remained in my head. One of our mutual friends urged me to contact Carol, so I gathered up all my courage and sent her an email. I pitched my song and my idea to her, and she very patiently listened and said it was an idea that could work. I made a tentative outline; Carol gathered up clips, made her own suggestions, and did all the work of putting it together and tweaking the finished product. “A Place in the World” is a fondly sentimental look at Daniel’s place at the SGC as an archaeologist, explorer, diplomat, linguist—and with Jack. Collaborating with Carol on this vid was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in fandom.
Prophecy Angel Luminosity This was my first conscious attempt to tell a story that hasn’t been told on the show. I tried to extrapolate the situation of the group’s memory wipe to a conclusion of Wes discovering it, remembering everything and not being happy about it.
Goodbye Earl Buffy the Vampire Slayer sisabet and dr. dawn sisabet: I think the idea for this vid came to Dawn while waiting in line at the post office. It was the line “red-eye midnight flight” that did it—and we are shameless in our literal interpretation of the lyrics here. Just shameless. We should be ashamed. I am trying very hard to feel shame right now. I am certain the shame will be kicking in any moment. Really, there is not much to say about it—it is silly AU fun with domestic violence and Evil Willow. It is also one of the first videos (along with “Family Tradition”) I made using Adobe Premiere so it was a learning experience in that aspect.
Shooting Cupid Stargate Carol S Romance seems to have a very hard time in Stargate.
My West Hollywood Lifestyle, Whatever Angel Luminosity and sisabet So, I was like, watching SDWolfpup’s “My United States of Spike, Whatever!” vid, and ozonebaby made me listen to this song. And I was like, “Whatever.” And then I sent it to sisabet, and she spent a few hours listening to it, and she and I decided that it was All About Angel.

So, this is our silly vid about Angel, whatever.
Invisible Sun Fight Club Carol S This was a song that had wanted to be a vid for a very long time but it took until I saw Fight Club in the summer of 2001 to find a fandom for it. Then September came along and I decided I probably needed to put it on the back burner for a bit. This September I pulled it out again and used it as my first experiment in ripping source. The ska version of the song from The X-Files Movie soundtrack seemed capture both the feel and the pacing of the movie.
Eclipse Stargate Carol S After doing bunches of vids about Daniel, and about Sam and even one about Teal’c, Jack was overdue his turn.
Mad World Buffy the Vampire Slayer Luminosity I was feeling pretty sorry for Spike by the end of Season 6. I still thought of him as Evil, but love conquers all, doesn’t it? I wanted to show the Scoobies and the situation he was in the way Spike saw it. It seemed that he couldn’t make sense of it either, to the point that he made the unheard-of decision to fight for his soul. I watched Donnie Darko, and when I heard this song, I knew it was for Spike. I made the vid in a weekend, which doesn’t happen very often.
The Impression That I Get Stargate Carol S This song captures, for me, the part of the relation between fan and fandom that makes for good introspection and, as such, I really wanted to do a vid for it. Unfortunately finding a character who could provide the right POV proved quite a challenge, luckily Major Davis came along and rescued me.
Ability to Swing Highlander Luminosity It’s a metaphor. (streaming version at Critical Commons)
Without You I’m Nothing Smallville sisabet
Spooky Jeremiah Killa I found this band on a New Zealand music website, thanks to Jill, who turned me on to Neil Finn. The song cried out vid to me, but I didn’t have a fandom; I considered X-Files for a good while, but something kept me from going through with it. Then Jeremiah came along, and I knew the fit was right. There’s a reason these guys have abandonment issues. This is also the first (and only) time I’ve consciously tried to make a recruiter vid.
Out of My Mind Stargate Carol S Destina introduced me to this song. I was playing it one day at work and I kept seeing Jack and his response to losing Daniel in my head.
Closer Buffy the Vampire Slayer sisabet So Kita, who runs Slashing the Angel and has provided me with hours and hours of entertainment, innocently asked me to make a Spike/Angel vid to this song, I (also innocently) accepted and spent the next six months tearing out my hair and accosting everyone I have ever met, known, ever, for help. Strangers on the street were not safe. It wasn’t pretty. I could get certain things to work—but the vid as a whole just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I wanted the video to be.

This is a problem. And eventually we (‘cause it was really a group process with this vid) arrived at a theme of duality. I knew the focus would be on Angel—because, hey, my vid—but I wanted Spike to also be part of the POV. This is not so much Angel thinking about Spike, as Angel not getting away from Spike, because they are the same, and if Angel is thinking it, then ya better believe Spike is there as well. If Angel feels it, than so does Spike. And, considering Spike becoming souled at the end of season 6—the duality became very attractive to me.

So I had the theme of duality—but I needed more—I needed a story.

The answer was obvious. It even goes back to “In the Dark”—what do they want? What is all this about—what keeps them going if you take away Buffy (and in this vidverse she doesn’t need to exist) and it goes beyond any physical desire—They need forgiveness. Redemption. Closer to God. But—wait. God doesn’t want you. Either of you. There is no redemption—because they are damned. So that leaves only the other.

The voiceovers were a risk, one that I don’t think I would take if I was making this video today, but I remember at the time, they were crucial to me. I wanted them interacting—even when they weren’t on the show. Angel speaks and Spike answers. Angel protests, Spike clarifies. Big huge thanks to my betas who went above and beyond and viewed multiple versions for months: Luminosity, Kamil, Valerie, and Bonibaru.
A Hero’s Tale Highlander Luminosity and Suze “They’ll never see the camel coming.”—Suze (streaming version at Critical Commons)
I’m Looking through You Catch Me If You Can T. Jonesy This was a song in search of a fandom. I’d been listening nonstop to the soundtrack from I Am Sam, and really wanted to vid it. Then Catch Me If You Can was released. I’d like to thank Steven Spielberg for making this vid possible.
Comin’ Up from Behind Witchblade Killa Another song that I’d been holding onto for a long time. I kept looking for an underdog female protagonist that would fit; in my mind, I tried Xena, Amanda, Trinity, Kira Nerys, Tank Girl, even Angela Bassett’s character from Strange Days. Nothing fit until I finally saw Witchblade. Sadly, my source sucked rocks, but I couldn’t resist lines like “truth and a tongue for a slingshot,” “rolling bullies,” and “cut you down to size.”
Precious Illusions Buffy the Vampire Slayer Jackie K. A retelling of “Normal Again.”
No One Is Alone Stargate Carol S Abyss finally gave me the structure I had been looking for to do this vid.
History Repeating Highlander Killa and Luminosity Killa: Taselby sent me this song, and said, “Don’t you think this would be perfect for Amanda?” I was all psyched, and said “Oh, yes!” and asked her when she was going to make it. “Actually,” she said, “I was hoping you would.” Lum and I got seized by the vidding bug a few days before Escapade 2002, and we decided to go into a mad vidding frenzy to hopefully surprise T. with it at the con. I think we made this in about two days of nonstop vidding, sending clips to each other over instant message. Lum stepped in with the spiffy title screen when I was too exhausted to come up with anything—her first foray into Photoshop!