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Name: RareSlash Ring
Date Founded: 12 June 1999
Fandom: Multifandom
Focus: slash
URL: http://www.ktnb.net/rareslash.html
http://www.chisp.net/~zoerayne/rare.html (1999)
banner of the original RareSlash Ring version

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The RareSlash Ring is a webring for fanfiction in rare slash fandoms. It was created June 12, 1999.[1] There were at least three RareSlash webrings, each succeeding another. From the ring homepage of the original version:

The RareSlash webring is for sites dedicated to rare or obscure slash fandoms. Have a Desert Peach story on your page? What about Eastenders or Brimstone or Prey? Then this is the ring for you. The only requirement is that you have two or more rare/obscure-fandom slash stories on your page. I'm not going to police your site, so it's up to you to determine what you consider a "rare" or "obscure" fandom.

From the homepage of the second ring:

A webring for sites containing slash (homoerotic) fan fiction in rare or obscure fandoms.

From the homepage of the third ring:

Do you have a website dedicated to slash (homoerotic) stories in a rare or obscure fandom? Then join the Rare Slash webring! If you were a member of the original Rare Slash webring, you will need to rejoin.

The newer version of the ring was already active in 2001.[2]


RareSlash Web Ring.png


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