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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: KB's misc. fanfiction
Author: kirasmommy/kirarose
Dates: active 24 September 1999 (last update via Wayback)
Fandom: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Ranma 1/2, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, All My Children, Batman, Dark Shadows, Oh, Grow Up, Hercules:The Legendary Journeys, Red Dwarf, Spin City, Teen Titans, The X-Files
URL: http://internetdump.com/users/kirarose/kbwarn.html
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KB's misc. fanfiction was a personal slash fanfiction site. It was a member of The TG-Yaoi-Slash Ring, Subtext of a Different Kind, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring, the Hercules-Xena Slash Ring, the All Things Strife webring and the RareSlash Ring.



  • Crystal Blue Persuasion — Autolycus/Joxer. "Joxer and Autolycus search for a stolen gem"
    • THE MST!!!! Crystal Blue Persuasion — "Crystal Blue Persuasion was one of the first few stories I actually wrote for the Hercules fandom, Now someone has MST'ed it. Well go read it! http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Fortress/1733/ is the actual homepage of the author of the MST."
  • Gossip — Hercules/Iolaus. "Hercules and Iolaus gossip around the camp fire"
  • Help Wanted...Apply within — Hades/Strife. "Hades can't take the pressure of the job anymore!"
  • Life after TV — Hercules/Iolaus. "Humor Iolaus and Hercules discuss the show"
  • Love is as easy as ABC — Autolycus/Joxer. "Joxer and Autolycus In response to the ABC challenge on the Joxerotica and Auto-Erotica MLs"
  • Mischief — Strife/Joxer. "Joxer and Strife Joxer tries to get Strife's attention"
  • The Other Sword Part 1 — Hades/Joxer. "Joxer finds a sword that is blessed...or is it cursed? And Hades has gone off the deep end as his past and present converge and torment his soul and mind."
  • Pin the Tail — Hercules/Iolaus. "Hercules and Iolaus play a childrens game......NC-17"
  • Snow Queens Mirror — Autolycus/Iolaus. "Joxer and Autolycus.Autolycus steals The Snow Queens Mirror"
  • There will be snow and mistletoe... — Ares/Iolaus. "Ares and Iolaus face off against a partridge in a pear tree"

Arrows Series

  • Arrows of Pain — "Strife and Cupid have an accident with arrows"
  • Broken Arrows — "Strife and Cupid try to go on a date and we meet Strife's mom"
    • Broken Arrows addendum — "Available for the first time on the web."
  • Arrows of War — "Ares latest war escalates! and Strife needs to go."
    • Arrows of War part 2 — "they find the mermaid! Plus the return of the quarrel between King Iskhion and King Orestes! Plus new players in the fight. can it get any better? How about we meet Eros?"
  • Arrows of Eros — "a bit of fun with Eros before the heavy stuff coming soon."
  • Arrows of Armageddon — "previous knowledge of the episodes Armageddon Now part 1 and part 2 is useful"
  • Arrows of Strife? — "Strife must take Cupid's place during festival of love"

The Rose/Dagger series

  • A rose for Joxer — "This story comprises: The Just Friends challenge from Joxerotica, Strife God of Love from the Strife_lust list. After a fight with Discord, A bump on the head makes Strife thinks he is the god of Love. Autolycus wants to be more than friends but Joxer isn't interested."
  • The Rose and the Dagger — "Joxer tries to give his rose to Gabby with unusual effects. Autolycus gets the dagger finally and receives help from an unusual source. Bad news for the Love deities! Notes: Based on a private challenge for a Aphrodite/Discord pairing and this story sets up the next one that will be based on the Shrine to Strife challenge on Strife_Lust ML"
  • Rose of Mischief — "After being told he's trouble Joxer decides to make a shrine to Strife. Notes: based on the Shrine to Strife challenge and Joxer's First Time (done in a flashback) on Strife_Lust ML"
  • Rose of Life, Dagger of Death part 1 — "warnings: Waffy (romance), Silly, Angst, F/F. Why does Aphrodite have the Kronos Stone? Why is Cupid suddenly giggling and Autolycus dying of embarrassment?"
    • Rose of Life, Dagger of Death part 2 — "Warnings: Angst, light bondage, sex, a little romance. Summery: Things have not gone as certain Gods would like them to go. A little more disappointment before the rewards, plus Cupid finally finds out what Autolycus has been hiding and something is wrong with Strife."
  • A Rose by any other name...Part 1 — "Warnings: Angst, Comedy, Waffy (romance). Summery: Strife finds out what is wrong with him, Joxer confesses that he is in love with someone that is NOT Gabby, and Strife discovers the truth about his 'father'. And just how does Psyche plan to use the information to her advantage?"
    • A Rose by any other name...part 2 — "Summery: A hearing to discover the paternity of Strife's baby, The rest of the Gods find out about Aphrodite and Discord. Joxer finds out about the baby."
    • A Rose by any other name part 3 — "Summery: The last part...Find out what happened to Joxer. And what to name the baby!"

All My Children

  • A mirror Darkened — "Adam/Pete (Palmer's real name). Remembering the past before the hate began."
  • A light in the mirror — "Adam/Palmer (Pete's new name) The Past comes back to haunt Stuart and Adam and Palmer are faced with an uncertain past, present and future."


  • To Love is to Laugh — "Batman/Joker...the Joker talks about what makes him tick"
  • The Dark Knight of the Soul — "Batman/Joker...The Batman takes the law into his own hands"

Dark Shadows

  • Dark Thoughts — "Willy thinks about Barnabas and his situation"

OH, Grow UP!

  • Married? — "Hunter/Norris....Ford knew it! Yet somehow...it still surprised him."

Red Dwarf

  • A bird in hand... — "Red Dwarf (Lister/Rimmer) Rimmer helps Lister find some release"

Spin City

  • Tale Spin — "Spin City (Stuart/Carter) A joke on Stuart might not be a joke"

The Titans

  • Who knows what evil lurks... — "Nightwing/Arsenal Arsenal is put in the hospital"
  • ...in the hearts of men... — "Nightwing/Arsenal part 2 Nightwing thinks back and reflects on his feelings"
  • ...the Shadow know! — "Nightwing/Arsenal part 3a It is two years later and the man that hurt Arsenal is getting out of prison"

The X-Files

  • Mulder tries to quit — "PWP comedy where Mulder decides he doesn't want to be a F.B.I agent anymore(silly romp)"

Marvel Comics

  • Gambit vs. the bored housewife — "I decided to torture Gambit, very short story"
  • Now what? — "After flirting with all the x-men one night they get even"

DC Comics

  • Who knows what evil lurks... — "Nightwing/Arsenal Arsenal is put in the hospital"
  • ...in the hearts of men... — "Nightwing/Arsenal part 2 Nightwing thinks back and reflects on his feelings"
  • ...the Shadow knows! — "Nightwing/Arsenal part 3a It is two years later and one of the men that hurt Arsenal is getting out!"
  • To Love is to Laugh — "Batman/Joker The Joker talks about what makes him tick"
  • The Dark Knight of the Soul — "Batman/Joker Batman takes the law into his own hands once more"