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Name: All Things Strife
Date Founded: 23 July 1999[1] or before
Fandom: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Focus: character-centric, Strife
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All Things Strife is a webring dedicated to Strife (the God of Mischief) and his cousin Deimos.

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All Things Strife is for anyone with a part of their site pertaining to the wonderful God Of Mischief or his cousin, the God of Terror/Pain (depends if you follow canon or mythology). The entire site doesn't have to be focused on them but it does have to have more than a brief mention of one or both of them. Fanfic, art, screen caps, wavs, ep guides, etc. are all welcome.

This ring does accept adult sites. This could include het (m/f sex) and slash (m/m sex). If you're not at least 18 years old, if this kind of thing is illegal in your area or if it offends you, then please go away. You've been warned.

This ring does not accept "actor fic" sites. If you have fan fic on your site featuring the actors themselves instead of their characters (rock groups count), then don't expect to be accepted into this ring.

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