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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Virg and Fort's Fanfiction
Author: Virg (Virginia) & Fort (Fortuita)
Dates: 13 October 1999 or before - 20 October 2001 (last update)
Fandom: Highlander, The Bill, Belgariad/Malloreon Universe, DC Comics, Homicide: Life on the Streets, The Sentinel, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek: Voyager, The X-files
2001 version of the site (warning page) (1999)
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Virg and Fort's Fanfiction is a personal slash fanfiction site. It is hosted at and was originally a GeoCities site.[1]

It was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring, the Sentinel Slash Webring, The Star Trek Slash Ring and The Rare Slash SiteRing.[2]

Jaguarundi's Lairs linked to the site in 2001.[3]

The Bill

Rolling 2K By Fortuita - Fast cars, babes, What but a PWP? (Loxton/Slater) (NC-17)

Belgariad/Malloreon Universe

The Solitude of the King Universe

The Solitude of the King 25K (weak NC-17) By Fortuita - An experiment, as such things often are. I read the epilogue to The Malloreon and asked 'What if?' (Actually, it was more like a 'But... but...!')

A sequel - Beyond the Shores of Riva - was announced but never posted tot he site. Summary: The world intrudes on Geran and Adan.

Crossoversand sundry related shorts

Poem 1K By Fortuita - Heh heh. Just a little one, happy and sweet. (G)

The Slashee's Sanctuary 18K By Fortuita - This was something of a writing exercise. Designed to combat my writer's block. Part parody, and with a very happy ending, this is the mother of all crossovers. Hosted by the boys from Pros, and with characters attending from universes far and wide, this, for anyone who isn't me, is what I would call a confusing read. (PG-13)

Verse and Sacrifice and Verse and Solitude are two sets of five shorts each, based on some of Fort's favourite poetry. The Verse and Sacrifice fragments precede the Verse and Solitude fragments. They are slash, that is to say, there are based around character pairings. I reccommend reading the top the top V & Sacrifice, then the top V & Solitude, followed by the second V & Sacrifice and so forth. That's how the pairings break down.

The series includes The X-Files, Vampire Chronicles, The Sentinel, Highlander and Star Trek: Voyager.

All pieces in Verse and Sacrifice and Verse and Solitude are G or PG-13. All 2K or less.

Verse and Sacrifice

These Faceless Men - Mulder
In Following, Look Up, Ahead - Louis
A Last Fraction of Space - Jim
To Be the End of Me - Methos
I Accept - Chakotay

Verse and Solitude

Guarding ...and Alex.
Twixt the Fingers of the Dawn ...and Lestat.
Anchor and Barrier ...and Blair.
A Price Worth Living By ...and Duncan.
A Hope in Winter ...and Tom.


A Path into the Shadow Land 34K By Fortuita - Not too happy about this one, but I promised I'd release it, so here it is. Bruce and Dick start taking steps in the right direction. (Bruce/Dick-Batman/Nightwing)(PG-13)

In Darkness do not Follow Me 10K By Fortuita Some death, some healing, very little joy. (Bruce/Clark-Batman/Superman)(NC-17)

All in Green Went My Love 10K By Fortuita - Some conversation in which Kyle gets a surprise, and retaliates. (Kyle/Connor-Green Lantern/Green Arrow)(PG-13)

Highlander: The Series

Rhapsody Alexa Requiem 2K By Fortuita - Methos, time, loss. (Methos/Alexa) (G)

Etranger, Danseur 5K By Fortuita - A plotless wonder where Fort got bored of Parisians speaking English. (Methos/other) (NC-17)

Homicide: Life on the Streets

Somebody's Mary 1K By Fortuita - A new poem, a new fandom. Not happy. Not explicitly slash.(G)

The Sentinel


Damned 8K - A different view of the J/B dynamic and the nature of acquiescence. WARNING!! Issues of Consent (NC-17)

Accidents 11K - Jim and Blair go on vacation and Jim will never be the same. (Winner of the 1999 Senticon challenge writing contest) (PG)

A Mouse's Tale 9K - A mouse gets an eyeful. Answer to Bone's Kitchen Table Challenge. (NC-17)

CaptiveGames 1 9.5K - Fancy a bit of fantasy? Dying for some domination? (NC-17)

CaptiveGames 2 22K - Held hostage by a terrorist, Jim tries to make the best of things. Sequel to Captive Games 1 (NC-17)

Running Scared 28K - Blair and Jim are together at last, but there's an ex-lover for Blair to contend with. (NC-17)

Viscera 4K - A look into subspace and Jim's needs. BDSM warning. (R) Beautifully illustrated courtesy of Livia who created then gifted me with the lush and lovely manipulation, and Noon who makes incredible and vibrant borders/edges.

Virginia's Zine Appearances:

Waste Places appears in Wounded Heros, a zine published by rac & Sundancer Creations. NOW ON LINE! (Nominated for Best Long Story in the 2000 Golden Guppy Awards)

Honest Words appears in CTYS13, a zine available from Agent With Style. NOW ON LINE! (With a lovely illustration by Subrosa)

Sometimes a Banana is Just a Banana appears in Fruit Cocktale 5 from Agent With Style


Dining Out, Dining In 5K - The boys try to eat. And then they do something else. (NC-17)

Half Way 8K - Angsty Jim, followed by somewhat less angsty Jim. (PG)

Handcuffs 41K - An IRC Round Robin, co-authored by Fortuita, SummerRain, Indigo Lass, Sarah, Ariana Lussier, Jenny Saypaw and MegaRed (NC-17). This story can also be found at Ariana's Page

Incandesce 1K - Sometimes you just want to be outside. (PG)

Pebble in a Still Pool 1 - Without Asking 5K - RAPE WARNING!! Yes, Jim and Blair have sex, but it aint really about 'em. (NC-17)

Pebble in a Still Pool 2 - Tacit Permission 4K - Jim and Blair have a bit more sex. And this time it is about them. And yes, at some point in the future, there will be more to this universe. Haranguing Fort may or may not help. (PG)

Rising Tide 6K - A tiny smidge of a story from IRC. Coauthors: Fortuita, Debra Fran Baker, Jenny Saypaw, Tracy (NC-17)

Fortuita's Zine appearances:

Present in Body appears in Come to Your Senses 13, a zine available from Agent With Style. NOW ONLINE!

Abesse: How Like a Winter appears in Come to Your Senses 11. Go to Agent With Style to order. NOW ONLINE!

Star Trek: The Original Series

Snow 14K By Virginia - Spock recalls his first snow fall. (Kirk/Spock) (G)

Star Trek: Voyager

Flirt 6K By Fortuita - Fort was bored, a new season of Voyager started in Oz, Fort engaged in some emotional transference... (Chakotay/Paris) (G)

Starting Something New 6K By Fortuita - More of that new season of Voyager taking over Fort's brain. A bit of a parody this time. (Paris/Kim) (G)

The X-Files

Mustard 5K By Fortuita and L. Rose - A little amusing PWP, highly improbable. (Mulder/Krycek) (NC-17)

Quartered 5K By Fortuita - Not really a story. Some images in the tale of M/Sk.(R)

Where The Boys Are By Virginia - Snippets from various fandoms, done as timed writing exercises. (G to NC-17)


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