The Rape Fantasy Archive

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Name: The Rape Fantasy Archive
Date(s): 1999 or before - ? (active in 2000)
Archivist: Peja
Type: rapefic
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (Wayback, 2001)
Rape fantasy archive.png
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The Rape Fantasy Archive was a multifandom fanfiction archive for rapefic. It had an associated Yahoo! Groups mailing list - RapeFantasyFic and it belonged to The Wonderful World of Makebelieve. The site listing was added to Slash Fiction Online August 17th, 2000.[1]

WARNING: The stories and poetry here are of an adult nature, dealing with adult issues. Some are hetero, others are slash. For the uninformed, slash is a same sex encounter.

If you are under the legal age, we ask that you go away.

If you have trouble dealing with the idea of forced sexual encounters, either with intent or indulgence, OR m/m f/f sexual play, please go away.


The archive was a member of the Invisible Man Slash Ring, the Blakes 7 Web Ring, The Anime Fan Fiction Ring, Sentinel Slash Webring, the Pretty Boy Slash webring, the Chris Owens Web Brigade, The Sentinel Webring, Clan TTOM, the Hercules-Xena Slash Ring, The Star Wars Prequel Ring, the RareSlash Ring and the SciFi-Crossover-Ring. It was also a member of AV's X-Files Random Link Exchange.[2]


Fandoms include[3]:Angel, Batman, Blake 7, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Deryni Novels, due South, Farscape, First Wave, Forever Knight, Hard Core Logo, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Highlander, The Invisible Man, JAG, Just Shoot Me, Man From U.N.C.L.E., Oz, Pokemon, The Pretender, Sailor Moon, SeaQuest, The Sentinel, Simon and Simon, Star Trek Voyager, Star Wars TPM, Titanic, World Wrestling Federation Fiction, The X-Files, Original Fiction.


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