Sidewinder's Slash 'n Trash Shack

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Sidewinder's Slash 'n Trash Shack
Author: Sidewinder
Dates: 04 June 1998 - ?
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Wars: TPM, A-Team, Babylon 5, seaQuest
URL: (? - 1999 Wayback) (before 03/2001) (2002?)
Sidewinder s slash n trash shack.png
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Sidewinder's Slash 'n Trash Shack is a personal slash fanfiction site. By March 2000[1] it had moved to a new URL and almost immediately moved again because of the new host, dencity, "constantly being down and slower than a snail"[2], and moved again,[3] this time to the URL where it stayed.

The site was a member of The Subtext of a Different Kind Webring, The Adult Fan-Fiction Webring, Star Wars Slash and the RareSlash WebRing.[4] It was listed in the Fan Fiction on the Net directory in 1998.[5]


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