Stranded on a Desert Island

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Synonyms: desert island fic, desert island AU
Related: Cave Story, Canadian Shack, Cabin Fic
See Also: No Island AU
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Stranding a character on a desert island is a trope with a long tradition in published media. (Desert island means isolated and deserted, not necessarily tropical or dry.) See the TV Tropes entry.

In science fiction fandoms, this trope appears when characters are marooned on an uninhabited planet.

The trope is also used in AU fanfiction, as well as canon-compliant fanfics where a character canonically spends time on a desert island. A small number of works are specifically Lost AU fics, placing characters from a different fandom on the desert island from Lost.

Not to be confused with the fan activity of deciding which fanfics to take with you if you get stranded on a desert island.

Desert Islands in Canon

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