Captain Flint/John Silver

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Pairing: Captain Flint/John Silver
Alternative name(s): Silverflint
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: Black Sails, Treasure Island
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: popular
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Captain Flint/John Silver is a popular slash pairing of James Flint and John Silver (Long John Silver) in the Black Sails fandom.


These two characters spend much of the four seasons of this show, either working together or working in opposition to one another. In season 1, John Silver is the only person who knows the route of the Spanish treasure Galleon and Flint must keep him around if he wants to get his prize. Silver for his part can be manipulative and tries to ingratiate himself with Flint and the crew. Flint doesn't trust him. He's right not to, as John Silver does betray him.

Once John Silver, proves his loyalty to the crew Flint begins to rely on him as a Quartermaster and as his friend. Flint eventually rises to a position of power; an equal and rival to Captain Flint.

Other characters often comment on their closeness and their ability to achieve anything when they are in agreement.


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As of September 2017, Captain Flint/John Silver is the most popular pairing in the Black Sails fandom.

Possibly due to the prevalence of polyamory in canon, threesome pairings involving both of these characters are common. Most common pairings include Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton/John Silver and Captain Flint/Madi/John Silver.

Common Tropes & Storylines


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  • st. augustine is that way by vowelinthug. James Flint had yet to meet a conversation he couldn't avoid. John Silver had yet to meet a routine he couldn't disrupt. (post-show domesticity, with oranges)
  • Undertow by Cymbelines. After Flint had told him about Thomas Hamilton, Silver tried to forget about the matter entirely or, instead, regard it practically (...) but weeks had passed since the revelation and Silver was still thinking of it, an inexplicable discomfort weighing heavy as an anchor on his chest.
  • can't remember what we came here for by sshomoerotica. Prostitute AU, incomplete.
  • Never Let Me Go by 13thDoctor, JHarkness. When Captain Flint arrives in Nassau with a ring on his hand, the island's inhabitants and the Walrus' crew are left to wonder who the unfortunate dame might be. Meanwhile, John Silver is enjoying the married life as well as reaping the benefits of his superstitious crew's bets.
  • Fairlead by Farasha. "I don't want to be a pirate, I'm not interested in the life, I'm not interested in the fighting, I'm not interested in the ships. Don't care much for the sea while we are on the subject." - John Silver
  • The Power of the Telling by Farasha. In a quiet moment back at New Providence, in Miranda's house, John Silver ponders the man James Flint might have been once upon a time.
  • Post Stall by ballantine. Airship AU. Several years after the pirates’ defeat at Nassau, Max has a business proposition for Silver. The problem? It requires Flint and the Walrus.


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