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Pairing: Peter Parker/Wade Wilson
Alternative name(s): Spideypool, Deadpool/Spider-Man
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: common
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Deadpool/Spiderman aka Spideypool (can also refer to their canonical team ups) is a slash pairing in the Marvel fandom between Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Peter Parker (Spider-Man).



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  • Am I Going to be Tonightless Again? by Katastrophi & Meeps, After months of noticing a cute little brunet following him to a bar, Wade Wilson decides to take matters into his own hands and confronts him about it. It’s more than either of them could have hoped for. Rated Explicit
  • Questions and Answers by Remy_Writes5, Peter Parker makes the mistake of taking a picture of Deadpool. Rated Explicit
  • Knightly Wanderings by Lori_S21, Wade Wilson is a man of integrity. A man of strength, wisdom and honour. He immediately breaks into Spider-Man's apartment to warn him of a new menace that is currently terrorising New York City.../Yeah...a menace in his PANTS./[Yep, we're totally messing with you. He invites himself into a sleeping Spidey's bed for purely heroic reasons of course... Does some stuff, ends up with a concussion - it's some real good times] Well what else would you expect, you kinky weirdos?! Rated Explicit
  • Coming Home by reservoirgays, Wade keeps hanging around Peter's apartment. Peter's not sure what it means. Rated Explicit
  • Crossing The Line. by Maya_Desires, Wade has been in love with Peter for a long time. Peter wouldn't admit to it, not even to himself. Rated Explicit
  • You're Only Mine by MosImagination, Peter is kidnapped during his heat. Wade finds him. They connect to share his heat. A/B/O Dynamics. Rated M



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