Ships in the Night

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Title: Ships in the Night
Author(s): Judi L. Hendricks and Paula Block
Date(s): 1981
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Wars
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Ships in the Night was published in Warped Space #46 in September 1981.


The zine this story was published in, Warped Space #46, originally came with a small separate leaflet with fanzine ads. It also included a supplement that said that, according to the enclosed copy of the two letters from Maureen Garrett, the story, "Ships in the Night" would be sent separately for those who sent in an age statement.

From the enclosed supplement that also included a copy of the text of two letters by Maureen Garrett:
Ahem... You're probably wondering what happened to pages 107-112 of Ships in the Night which have been left out of your copy of Warped Space #46. By way of explanation, we are reprinting a set of letters [from Maureen Garrett]... While we don not consider anything we've published, including this story, to be 'pornographic,' we've withheld those pages containing some mildly explicit descriptions. As the wording in Ms. Garrett's letters is rather vague, we can only hope we've accurately second-guessed her intended meaning. Since the main concern expressed in these letters seems to be that objectionable SW material stay out of the hands of underage readers, we will only make the deleted pages available to those subscribers who send us a legal size SASE (with .18 cents postage) and an signed statement that they are eighteen years of age or older... We will attempt to obtain more specific guidelines from Ms. Garrett so that we may avoid awkward situations of this sort in future issues. While we do not fully agree with Ms. Garrett's descriptions of the legal aspects of various points, we believe that George Lucas has certain moral rights concerning the characters he created. If he or his representatives will provide SPECIFIC guidelines as to what he finds objectionable, we will attempt to comply with such standards.


It is part of the Cori Beckett Star Wars series.

Reactions and Reviews

The final item, for those readers who sent in an age statement, is 'Ships in the Night.' Readers who felt a bit cheated at the end of 'Marketable Commodity' in Pegasus #4 will be more than satisfied by this lovely return engagement between Luke and Cori Beckett. It is lyrical, sensual, erotic in the highest degree, yet so skillfully written and tasteful that there is not a hint of the pornographic in it. The characters are real people, totally believable, and the authors resist the temptation to cheapen them by tacking on a contrived and happy ending. This story should be required reader for every aspiring writer of erotica, as an example of How To Do It Right. It is complemented by illos in Joni Wagner's best style, although the artist seems to have been inhibited by Lucasfilm's recent pronouncements into making the illos a bit more PG than the story really deserves. [1]


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