The Cori Beckett Series

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Title: The Cori Beckett Series is made up of five stories
Author(s): Judi L. Hendricks and Paula Block
Date(s): 1978, 1979, 1981, 1983
Genre: gen and het
Fandom: Star Wars
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Cori Beckett was a OFC who appeared in a well-known series of Star Wars stories. The first two stories are by Judi L. Hendricks alone, and the rest are by Hendricks and Paula Block.

Fan Comments

Cori Beckett is a teenager when she meets Han in Judi Hendricks' "Stowaway" (SV) . Personal slave to a particularly revolting individual with whom Han has business, she has a low opinion of Han also, but he does have a ship on which she can escape. Her first attempt fails painfully; the second time she manages to reach the FALCON — not knowing Chewbacca had seen her and that Han and Chewie were deliberately ignoring her presence until they were well away. Already trained as a pilot, she makes a bargain with Han: he'll buy her a ship and give her more training as a pilot and smuggler, and she'll pay him back as soon as possible. In "Assault on Logaria" (PEG #3) several years later, after losing her ship to the Imperials (her Wookiee partner being killed in the takeover) she works her way across the galaxy to demand Han's aid in retrieving the ship and avenging her partner. The fact that Han is already working for Leia and Luke does not impress her in the least, though she condescends to work out a way to take care of both jobs at once. She and Leia take a while to reach the stage of armed truce, but they eventually work well together and could possibly become friends. Cori and Han finally get around to a romantic entanglement, but while this is important in their relationship it does not btardnats the story, Cori's existence, or their total relationship. Hendricks and Paula Block collaborated on "A Marketable Commodity" (PEG #4) , bringing Cori back as a rescuer of Han from a shipwreck and Luke frcm the slimy clutches of her former owner. While the story plays coyly with the chance of a sexual relationship between Cori and Luke, Cori is able to handle the situation (barely) and deal maturely with Han's childish reaction. Their overall relationship has been good over the years, they are real friends as well as lovers, and Cori is certainly capable of carrying a story by herself if the authors would let her. [1]


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