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Name: Relm
Occupation: Painter
Relationships: Terra Branford (friend), Celes Chere (friend), Locke Cole (friend), Setzer Gabbiani (friend), Edgar Roni Figaro (friend), Sabin Rene Figaro (friend), Cyan Garamonde (friend), Gau (friend), Shadow (father), Mog (friend), Strago Magus (grandfather), Gogo (friend), Umaro (friend), Kefka Palazzo (enemy), Emperor Gestahl (enemy), Interceptor (Shadow's dog)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
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Relm is a main character from the Square Enix game Final Fantasy VI.


With a foul mouth and a well meaning but sassy demeanour, Relm isn't your typical ten year old. Her artistic talent has made her famous across the lands, but sometimes she just wants to be a little girl and live life with her grampa. Her unique ability to sketch an enemy and use their skills against them proves useful in battle however, which cements her place in the team. If you're ever having trouble, Relm can paint you a picture.



Relm's young age generally deters shipping, however pairings with either Terra or Celes exist, and a ship with Gau seems possible due to their age gap being considerably less than anyone else's.

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