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Name: Shadow
Occupation: Ninja/Assassin/Bounty Hunter
Relationships: Terra Branford (friend), Celes Chere (friend), Locke Cole (friend), Setzer Gabbiani (friend), Edgar Roni Figaro (friend), Sabin Rene Figaro (friend) Cyan Garamonde (friend), Gau (friend), Mog (friend), Relm Arrowny (daughter), Strago Magus (father-in-law), Gogo (friend), Umaro (friend), Kefka Palazzo (enemy), Emperor Gestahl (enemy), Interceptor (dog), unnamed wife.
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
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Shadow (real name Clyde) is a main character from the Square Enix game Final Fantasy VI.


Painted as a cold-blooded mercenary who ‘would slit his mama’s throat for a nickel’, Shadow is seen to live up to his hype for the first half of the plot. However, it is revealed that he does care about things other than himself and Interceptor due to the existence of his daughter Relm (though this is unbeknownst to her) and the fact that he was willing to sacrifice himself so that the rest of the party could escape from Kefka’s floating island. Shadow has some issues but he’s a good guy underneath it all. To earn his trust for good, wait for him when it matters.



Having fathered a child while living in Thamasa, pairings with Relm’s unnamed mother are feasible. Shadow rarely shows an interest in other people throughout the events of FF6 however, so ships with anyone else are unlikely.

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