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Name: Emperor Gestahl (aka Emperor Gastra)
Relationships: Terra Branford (enemy), Celes Chere (enemy), Locke Cole (enemy), Setzer Gabbiani (enemy), Edgar Roni Figaro (enemy), Sabin Rene Figaro (enemy) Cyan Garamonde (enemy), Gau (enemy), Shadow (enemy), Relm Arrowny (enemy), Strago Magus (enemy), Gogo (enemy), Mog (enemy), Umaro (enemy), Kefka Palazzo (ally turned enemy), General Leo (ally turned enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
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Gestahl is a minor antagonist from the Square Enix game Final Fantasy VI.


Initially presumed as the game’s main antagonist, Gestahl certainly plays the part for the first half of the plot, in the events leading up to his betrayal and execution at the hands of Kefka. Deceiving and power hungry, Gestahl possessed enough charisma to convince a team of long lived enemies that he’d turned a new leaf and had seen the errors of his ways, which ultimately lead to his gruesome downfall.


Being an antagonist yet not Kefka, Gestahl’s popularity just isn’t even comparable to his cohort’s. With few redeeming qualities, it’s unlikely he will ever be seen as the main character of a fic, rather demoted to the support sidelines.


In the same vein as Kefka, Gestahl has enjoyed positions of power over Celes and Terra, making noncon ships with either of them a possibility. Ships featuring Gestahl are unlikely however, mostly due to being an unlikeable old man.

Tropes and Themes

Due to graphical limitations, Gestahl’s sprite in many ports of FF6 looks a lot like a rabbit. Because of this, readers can potentially expect rabbit puns in fic involving Gestahl.

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