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Name: Mog
Relationships: Terra Branford (friend), Celes Chere (friend), Locke Cole (friend), Setzer Gabbiani (friend), Edgar Roni Figaro (friend), Sabin Rene Figaro (friend) Cyan Garamonde (friend), Gau (friend), Shadow (friend), Relm Arrowny (friend), Strago Magus (friend), Gogo (friend), Umaro (friend), Kefka Palazzo (enemy), Emperor Gestahl (enemy), Several other moogle friends
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
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Mog is a main character from the Square Enix game Final Fantasy VI.


Mog makes Final Fantasy history by being the first (and so far only) Moogle to make it as a main character. While his impact on the plot is not significant, he is nonetheless a worthy addition to the team.



Being a moogle, Mog is unlikely to be shipped with any of the human characters. Pairings with other moogles is plausible, as is a ship with Umaro due to the weird relationship they have, but neither of these are common.

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