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Name: Gogo
Relationships: Terra Branford (friend), Celes Chere (friend), Locke Cole (friend), Setzer Gabbiani (friend), Edgar Roni Figaro (friend), Sabin Rene Figaro (friend) Cyan Garamonde (friend), Gau (friend), Shadow (friend), Relm Arrowny (friend), Strago Magus (friend), Mog (friend), Kefka Palazzo (enemy), Emperor Gestahl (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
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Gogo is a main character from the Square Enix game Final Fantasy VI.


Drapes in bundles upon bundles of various clothes, the only certainty about Gogo is that they are very warm under all that. Mimicking the behaviours of other characters and living within the depths of a giant creature, even their gender isn’t certain. Gogo really is one of life’s greatest mysteries.


As one of the game's most obscure characters, with few character traits of their own, fic involving Gogo is rarely seen.


With no confirmed gender, Gogo is potentially shippable with almost any (human) character in Final Fantasy VI. It isn't likely that a ship featuring Gogo will be seen, however the possibilities remain endless.

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