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Name: Hindman
Alias(es): J. Hindman, Zach Nitzyekov, Sekhmet (with Bast Ravenshadow), J Dudley, J Dudley Hindman, Mestiza Woman.
Type: fanzine distributor, fan artist, fan poet, and fan fiction writer.
cover of Secret Agent Men, full gallery below
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Hindman was a gen and slash fanzine distributor under the name of LionHeart Distribution. She is a fan poet, fan artist and fan writer, primarily in MFU, The Sentinel, Pros, Due South, and original gay fic, as well as SWAT/The Unusuals. She produced 3D art for Media West's and other conventions' art shows as Mestiza Woman until 2014, as well as under Hindman and Sekhmet. Writing partner with Rachelle S. and J Evans on Invisible Ink/In the Blood. Now publishing with Requiem Publications.


She has won multiple awards, including the Sizzler, Stiffie and FanQ Awards.


Original Fiction:

Zine Art Gallery