Hogwarts no Ouji-sama

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Title: ホグワーツの王子様
Hogwarts no Ouji-sama
"The Prince of Hogwarts"
Circle: Mochiya (もち屋)
Doujinka: Sukiya Wabisuke (数寄屋佗助)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 16 August 2003
Type: manga
Size: B5, 14 pages
Language: Japanese
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Hogwarts no Ouji-sama (ホグワーツの王子様, "The Prince of Hogwarts") is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Mochiya. It is made up of three short stories set during the Hogwarts Era and contains Sirius x Harry with Ron x Harry and Draco x Harry.

Hogwarts no Ouji-sama is Mochiya's 38th doujinshi.


The "Prince of Hogwarts" is the thinnest doujinshi I own. Only 14 pages, 3 of which are chara info notes, circle's notes and a copy of the illustration that already appears in the cover. It's soft yaoi themed with Sirius and Harry as the one true pairing. ^^ [...] This circle is known for their Card Captor Sakura books they did in the past in the very "authentic" style of the famous mangaka group CLAMP. Interestingly enough, they did not ditch this style after they started working on dj about other fandoms. Therefore Harry Potter is no different. Harry, again, does not sport black hair but brown, like Sakura. The wizard's clothed in a princely outfit with red cape and golden crown, holding something that looks like an interesting staff but is actually his wand, as seen on the "Sekaiichi Yuumeina Mahoutsukaitai]" cover, too. On the back there's an outfit we're more familiar with - his Hogwarts robes and wizard hat [...].

Three stories in total in here, a 1-page strip with a witch explaining the Hogwarts students the difference between a witch and a wizard lol, one titled "Long Love Letter" with Harry dreaming of kissing Sirius (yaoi alert! yaoi alert!) and the last is about Draco getting smooched by no other than Lupin. It would be hard for me to understand why the characters are acting the way they do in this fun doujinshi if it weren't for the very handy character profile page Mochiya included at the beginning. It shows the pairings as follows: Harry is interested in Sirius but both Draco and Ron like Harry! Sirius feels the same about Harry but in his teenage years he loved James. The only characters without a love interest are Prof. Lupin and Hermione. Oh, why didn't Mochiya pair up these two lonesome individuals? *laugh* It would make sence [sic] since they're the only ones left, no? Talk about crazy pairings!

The doujinshi has few pages, yes, but it's still very enjoyable. In the "Long Love Letter" in the Common Room Harry's daydreaming about him sharing kisses with Black. His absent-mindedness doesn't work too well on poor Ronald who is secretly in love with his best friend. [...] From what I can tell, I think Ron's jealous of Harry and Black's intimacy and accuses Harry of being nothing more than a deformed image of James whom Sirius loved previously. Maybe Ron was trying to tell Harry that he's only going to end up hurt because James will always remain Sirius's love and Harry can't keep up with his father. Poor Harry is extremely crushed but he can't stop thinking of Sirius.

In the last story Draco makes an evil remark when he and his bodyguards see Lupin laughing with Harry somewhere on the Hogwarts grounds. Perhaps young Malfoy thinks the two are too close? To prove Lupin is "kind" to all his students and does not favour anyone over others, he happily licks Malfoy's face in a very cat-like manner. *laugh* What a clear sign of affection! Can't beat that! What's even funnier is the bewitched looks on Crabbe and Goyle's faces when they see cheerful Lupin apply strange methods to what I'm sure he feels is the proper "teacher-student relationship". Remus sticks out his tounge [sic] at them in a flirty way and gives them a wink. Did Hogwarts just get another Lockhart clone? *laugh*

Very fun book for the fans with very specific tastes. *chuckle* Good for a laugh and drooling over Harry/Sirius kiss scenes.[1]


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