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Synonyms: Trio Era, Canon Era, Hogwarts AU
Related: Marauders Era, Founders Era
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Hogwarts era is a term in the Harry Potter fandom generally used to describe a fanfiction, RPG, or other work that is set when Harry and/or his canonical classmates are still at school. The term is sometimes, though less often, used to denote any story in which the main character attends Hogwarts, e.g. a Hogwarts-era Marauders fic. To avoid confusion, especially for fanworks about characters not contemporaneous with Harry, the terms Trio Era or Canon Era are sometimes used.

The term was most popular before the conclusion of the series, while the canon was still open. Hogwarts era fanfiction were often used to hypothesize about future books as well as to appropriately age a character for a romantic relationship. Most such fics have been jossed by future canon.

Many AUs are also set at Hogwarts, especially those that provide alternate takes on canon the author dislikes. Missing scenes from the canon are also technically Hogwarts era fics, though they are not always labeled as such.

Fanworks in which Harry or another character returns to Hogwarts to teach or time travels to the Marauders' or Founders' Hogwarts are not usually considered "Hogwarts era."

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