Flash Rogues Big Bang

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Name: Flash Rogues Big Bang
Date(s): 2013-2015
Moderator(s): kidezt, liabrown, and runenklinge
Founder: runenklinge
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: The Flash
Associated Community: http://roguesbang.tumblr.com/; archive link
URL: http://roguesbang.livejournal.com/; archive link
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Flash Rogues Big Bang is a Big Bang fanfiction and fanart challenge focused around The Flash's Rogue Gallery.

"This is a challenge focusing on all nemesis of the Flash in a collaborative project between authors and artists to produce stories (minimum 10,000 words) relating to the challenge and accompanying artworks or videos."


  • Title: Persistence
  • Author: defying3reason
  • Artist: kidezt
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Characters: Hartley Rathaway, Mark Mardon, Len Snart, James Jesse, Mick Rory, George "Digger" Harkness, Sam Scudder
  • Pairing(s): Hartley Rathaway/Mark Mardon
  • Rating: M
  • Word Count: 11,121
  • Warnings: Slash-y goodness, undertones of an unhealthy relationship dynamic.
  • Summary: Despite his obnoxiously professed heterosexuality and a touch of homophobic posturing, Mark Mardon finds himself drawn to Piper. Unfortunately for the Weather Wizard, only the physical attraction is mutual.
  • Title: Annexation
  • Author: useless19
  • Artist: kidezt
  • Genre: Friendship
  • Characters: Len Snart, Mark Mardon, Axel Walker
  • Rating: T for swearing and violence
  • Word Count: 10k+
  • Summary: In the aftermath of Libra's attack, Len decides he doesn't want to hang around Keystone and Central while the Flashes are still out for blood. Mark invites himself along and Axel's always in the last place you want him to be. AU after Rogues' Revenge.
  • Title: Tipping the Scales
  • Author: velocitym1
  • Artist: justm3h
  • Genre: Action
  • Characters: James Jesse, Hartley (Pied Piper) Rathaway, Mark (Weather Wizard) Mardon, Axel (Trickster) Walker, Len (Captain Cold) Snart, Lisa (Golden Glider) Snart, Evan (Mirror Master) McCulloch, Mick (Heatwave) Rory, George “Digger” (Captain Boomerang) Harkness, Lex Luthor, and lots of Intergang goons
  • Rating: Gen
  • Word Count: 17,765
  • Warnings: Lots of violence.
  • Summary: The Justice League has vanished, and with no sign of the heroes the villains have started to make their moves. When the status quo is shattered, how will the Rogues—the lowest villains on the totem pole—fare?

Art Only


  • Title: Don't worry about him, he's armless
  • Author: runenklinge
  • Artist: funny95
  • Genre: Action/Drama
  • Characters: Axel Walker, James Jesse, Hartley Rathaway, David Singh, Leonard Snart, Lisa Snart, Sam Scudder, Marco Mardon, Mick Rory
  • Pairing(s): David Singh/Hartley Rathaway, Lisa Snart/Sam Scudder (squint and miss)
  • Rating: NC-17
  • Word Count: 14k
  • Warnings: mention of canon-compliant violence (amputation), swear words
  • Summary: After the Gorilla attack, the Rogues try to get their lives back together, but none more so than Axel. With his arm missing, trapped in the hospital, he has not a lot to live for. His annoying visitor isn't helping either. Why won't Jesse leave? That is not the father figure he wanted, not that he wanted one. Denial is strong with this one.
  • Title: Hunted Dreams Like Hunted Rats
  • Author: black_tzuki
  • Artist: kidezt
  • Genre: Drama
  • Characters: Hartley Rathaway, David Singh, James Jesse, Leonard Snart, Lisa Snart, Marco Mardon, Sam Scudder, Axel Walker
  • Pairing(s): Hartley Rathaway/David Singh, James Jesse/Hartley Rathaway
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 11277
  • Warnings: Mention of blood. Comic typical violence.
  • Summary: Hartley already had enough problems convincing his boyfriend to come out, he didn't really need the problem of dealing with two different lives in his head, especially when he wasn't even aware of that fact. So he does what every person would do in that situation, slowly go insane and dye your hair.


  • Title: Follow the Green Music Notes
  • Author: hobbes93
  • Artist: kidezt
  • Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
  • Characters: Pied Piper, Hartley Rathaway, Captain Cold, Captain Marvel (Shazam), The Flash (Wally West), other characters
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 10482
  • Warnings: Mental instability, multiple personalities, and several deaths mentioned.
  • Summary: Wally West and Captain Cold accidentally get stuck in the Pied Piper's mind and must navigate through a world of music notes and Piper's various selves only to face an awful truth...
  • Title: The Girlfriend Caper
  • Author: iris-best
  • Artist: flashlikeallen
  • Genre: Humor/Romance
  • Characters: Lisa Snart, Iris West, Barry Allen, Leonard Snart
  • Pairing(s): Lisa Snart/Iris West, Iris West/Barry Allen
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 10100
  • Warnings: canon character death (minor)
  • Summary: Instead of killing the Flash's girlfriend, Lisa Snart is going to STEAL the Flash's girlfriend! IN A DATING WAY.
  • Title: Silver Skies
  • Author: useless19
  • Artist: mashimero
  • Genre: Friendship
  • Characters: Owen Mercer, Len Snart, Mick Rory, Mark Mardon, Even McCulloch, Axel Walker
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 13319
  • Warnings: References to child abuse
  • Summary: Owen's had enough trouble taking care of himself over the years, he doesn't need the Rogues' issues too. Unfortunately he's stuck with them.