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Name: David Singh
Occupation: Director of the CCPD Crime Lab (comics), Captain of the CCPD (Arrowverse)
Title/Rank: Director (comics) Captain (Arrowverse)
Location: Central City
Status: Alive
Relationships: Hartley Rathaway (love interest), Rob (love interest), Barry Allen (co-worker), Joe West (co-worker)
Fandom: DC Comics, The Flash, Arrowverse
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David Singh is a DC Comics character who works in the Central City Police Department.



In DC Comics, Singh is in charge of the crime lab at Central City Police Department. Barry Allen aka The Flash works as a forensic scientist in Singh's department.

In the New 52, Singh works in the same role and is in a relationship with former criminal Hartley Rathaway aka Pied Piper.


In the CW's 2014 reboot of The Flash, David Singh is the Captain of CCPD. He is still the superior of forensic scientist Barry Allen, and often chastises Barry for been late. This version of the character is also gay and married to Rob. He has begun to trust the Flash, and sometimes asks for his help on cases.


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In canon, Singh is unaware of the Flash's true identity. Many fans instead portray Singh as an astute character who is very aware that Barry Allen is the Flash and feigns ignorance.

Singh often appears as a side character in fics, sometimes paired with Hartley Rathaway (his canonical love interest in the comics) or Rob (his canonical husband in the shows). Many fics focus on Singh finding out Barry is The Flash, or in the case of Coldflash fics, Singh discovers Barry is in a relationship with a criminal.

Some fans headcanon that the changes Barry made to the timeline resulted in David and Rob breaking up, and David starting a relationship with Hartley.


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  • Oh what tangled webs we weave by Sister_Grimm, Barry does not have time to figure all the differences between the timelines, so he'll just have to wing it. (David/Hartley fic)
  • 4x01 Missing Scene by Redhead.
  • Internal Affairs by quarticmoose, When David Singh accepted a captaincy at CCPD, he swore he would do right by his men. A sudden influx of meta-humans and impossible phenomena does nothing to change that.
  • All Too Jagged Snowflake by Redhead, When Leonard and Barry discover that they're Soulmates, they struggle with the many, many issues this causes. It might be easier without the collective difficulties of the Rogues, a meta-gorilla, and the military, but life has never been simple for either of them. (Chapter 39. David Singh POV)

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