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Blond Eddie is a trope within the IT fandom. Although the 1990s miniseries did canonically feature a blond Eddie Kaspbrak, most fanworks emerged after the 2017 film, therefore heavily featuring a brunette Eddie. Then, in ebbs and flows, the fandom began to mix representations, drawing art and writing Eddie with blond hair, typically as a one-off.



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untitled, Archived version by ChewyTongueDate: 03 May 2019Genre: Blond Eddie
(CW: Self Harm) when is the second movie even coming out? i have no clue (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version by ReddieForAKissDate: unknownLength: 1,280px × 1,280pxGenre: Blond Eddie, Kissing, Nail Polish
The quickest ever Reddie sketch since I haven’t made new content in a while :,0



blonde!eddie headcanons, Archived version by SloppyBitchReddieFandom: ITDate: 28 Jul 2018Medium: HeadcanonStatus: CompleteGenre: Blond Eddie
fic will come soon 👀 (Reddie)


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