Before the Glory

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Title: Before the Glory
Publisher: Kathy Resch
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print
Genre: slash and gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover
back cover, Marie A.
flyer, printed in T'hy'la #10

Before the Glory is a primarily slash with some gen Star Trek: TOS fanzine containing 188 pages.

It required an age statement to purchase.

This zine has art by Caren Parnes, Gloria-Ann Rovelstad, Paula Mathai, Lynna Bright, Nancy Speiran, Suzan Lovett, Merle Decker, and Kerry. The back cover is by Marie A. Artwork has been uploaded to Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

Before: Before the Glory...

"Before the Glory" was originally going to be titled "Young Kirk" and was to have had art by Judy Miller.

From a submission request: "Writers whose work is accepted will be paid 1/4 a cent upon publication."

Later, Syn Ferguson retitled the zine "Before the Glory" when she decided to include pre-Enterprise stories for the rest of the TOS characters. When she couldn't publish it, Kathy Resch took over publication. This was around the same time "Courts of Honor" was republished by the "Gang of Six".[1]


Publisher's summary:
Where were they, before the glory that is the Starship Enterprise? Shivering in the sewers of Imperial Earth. Killing their enemies on Hellguard. Facing aliens... and the alien in themselves. There was the time a very young cadet erased an experimental program it had taken a Vulcan prodigy six weeks to create. There was the stopover for R&R on Tarsus IV - days before Kodos' massacre. There was happiness and heartbreak, innocence lost - or never known.


  • Mission's End by Flora Poste (4)
  • Mirror Encounter by Tere Ann Roderick. Mirror Universe: Spock is saved by a young Kirk who he then takes in and sends to Starfleet Academy, planning to make him his eyes and ears there. (8)
  • Passage to Gorlan by Indra. M/U Pike is assigned for a month to a backwater station where he meets a young hazel-eyed youth of fourteen, one he uses and then takes with him when he leaves. (38)
  • The Companion by Ray Newton and Sandy Newton. In an alternate universe, the Vulcans went on Quest for a compatible mind to save the life of their young ruler, Spock - and found Kirk in the poverty- ridden backwaters of Earth. Another summary: As a child, Kirk is taken to Vulcan as a companion to the young ruler, and eventually the bondmate Spock will take when he enters pon farr. (44)
  • Long Road to Shalako by Kathleen Roy. A/U: A young Kirk runs into a ghostly town on his way to the spaceport. (102)
  • Night Blooms by Gene S. Delapenia (105)
  • Between Comfort and Dreams by Crystal Ann Taylor (107)
  • Stardreamer by Daphne Ann Hamilton (110)
  • Joyboy by Syn Ferguson. Ambassador Sarek’s young son finds life during a diplomatic conference somewhat restrictive. Then the survivors of Tarsus IV arrive - and his life changes in a most unexpected way. Another summary: A young Kirk is ostracized on his way back to Earth from Tarsus when it becomes known how he managed to survive. (113)
  • On the Way to the Sky by Ginna LaCroix. James Kirk finds opposition to his Starfleet dreams from his own mother. His trip back to his hometown brings both reconciliation - and tragedy. Kirk brings a friend from school home to help him convince his mother that he intends to go to Starfleet Academy. (130)
  • The Kirk by Billie Phillips. Kirkʼs senior roommate tries to calm things down after Kirk accidentally ruins Lt. Spockʼs computer program. (146) (reprinted from Vault of Tomorrow #11)
  • Tolls by Leslie Fish (152)
  • Firelight by Kathy Resch. On an Academy camping expedition, James Kirk and Gary Mitchell discover certain truths about their lives. (155)
  • It's a Miracle by Gene S. Delapenia (158)
  • Poem Upon... by Syn Ferguson (159)
  • Ruth and Jimmy by Kayleen Sybrandt (159)
  • The Journal by Joan G. Ryan. Taken by a portrait of Kirkʼs mother, McCoy finds answers to many of his questions when Kirk gives him her journal to read. (160)
  • Timeslip by Karin Wolfe. Kirk deals with his motherʼs suicide as he and Spock reach for each other after VʼGer, trying to rebuild their bond. (170)
  • Reflections by Sharon F (174)
  • Paperwork by Meg Fine (175)
  • Honor and Responsibility by Marcella Belton. A twelve year old Saavik waits to be accepted by Vulcan. (176)
  • The Terrorist by Kathy Resch. A/U: Saavik fights for Romulus until a Vulcan comes to give her a new home, one where his hazel-eyed lover awaits his return. (183)

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