The Kirk

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: The Kirk
Author(s): spdfg
Date(s): 2010
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: AOS
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The Kirk is a Kirk/Spock story by spdfg.

Reactions and Reviews

"The Kirk" is a delightful entry in the "sex toy gets modeled after Kirk‘s intimate anatomy" category. This particular dildo is complete with ―"Thrusters On Full" technology, and is available in "Command Gold", "Starship Silver" and "Realistic Pink". Kirk is shocked, appalled, and intensely curious as to what "medium size" means. I was laughing all the way through, particularly in the "ad copy" for this particular product. A quote: “Whatever the occasion, we guarantee that the Kirk will take you boldly where you've never gone before!” Another quote: "I would not presume to judge, sir," says the Vulcan primly. "But I must enquire, for security reasons of course, if these... models... are anatomically correct?" "For security reasons?" Kirk's a little sceptical, but Spock doesn't seem like the prurient type. "Yes sir. Access to your medical and anatomical records without your authorisation would constitute a mid-level security breach." Spock is determined – for purely scientific reasons, of course, to compare the dildo with the "original", and decides the logical course of action is to purchase one in order to properly compare it to the original. Kirk is appalled, alarmed – and intrigued. Great fun![1]


  1. ^ by crunchy from The K/S Press #166