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Additional vid show commentary can be found buried within ZebraCon/Convention Reports.

2007 Vid Show

The 2007 playlist can be found here (a copy is archived here if the website is offline).

2001 Vid Show

Here is a sample playlist from Zebracon 15 (2001), including fandom break-down:


  • Babylon 5 "Women of Steel"


  • Starsky & Hutch "Wayward Son"


  • Buffy "Not Your Girl"
  • Burning Zone "Trouble"
  • X-Files "Bad Reputation"
  • Man from U.N.C.L.E. "Love Ain't Like That"
  • Man from U.N.C.L.E. "Illya's theme"

Carol S./Basement Productions

  • Stargate SG-1 "South Side"
  • Buffy "A Girl Needs a Knife"
  • Stargate SG-1 "What if I Came Knocking"
  • Buffy "When You Say Nothing at All"
  • Stargate SG-1 "Personal Thing"

Central Consortium

  • Buffy "Hurts So Good"
  • X-Files "Silence"
  • Buffy "Mad Season"
  • Oz "One Step Closer"
  • Queer As Folk US "Loverboy"


  • Oz "Boadicea"
  • Oz "Believe In Angels"
  • Oz "Fallin'"
  • Six Feet Under "Strong Enough"
  • Oz "Only Happy When It Rains"

Morgan Dawn/Justine Bennett

  • Starsky & Hutch "One Step Up"
  • Due South "From Where I Stand"
  • Starsky & Hutch "Testify"


  • Angel "Amazing"
  • Rush Hour "Bang A Gong"
  • Brimstone "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"
  • Shanghai Noon "Go West"
  • Brimstone "Kinda I Want To"


  • Starsky & Hutch "The Discovery Channel/Bad Touch"
  • Starsky & Hutch "Who's Got the Hooch"
  • Starsky & Hutch "Oh, Yeah"
  • Starsky & Hutch "Cup of Life"


  • Invisible Man (2000) "Secret Agent Man"
  • Stargate SG1 "True Colors"
  • Sentinel "flea control ad"
  • Stargate SG1 "I Want A New Drug"
  • Sentinel "Talk Dirty To Me"

Gloria R

  • Sentinel "I Could Write A Book"
  • Sentinel "Bitch"
  • Sentinel "I Wanna Be Sedated"
  • Setninel "The Way You Look Tonight"
  • Sentinel "To Make You Feel My Love"

1999 Vid Show

Award Winners

  • Best Dramatic - You'll Be In My Heart (TS) - Gloria Ruggeri
  • Best Humorous - La Vida Loca (S&H) - Flamingo
  • Best Technical - Orange-Colored Sky (TS) - Gloria Ruggeri
  • Best in Show - Orange-Colored Sky (TS) - Gloria Ruggeri
Morgan Dawn wrote the following vid show report and posted it to the Vidder mailing list:
"The presentation was much better this year -- they hooked a VCR to a projection screen which worked quite well (after they figured it out after the first vid). Sound was better in back of the hall, but it was clear. This year there were several volunteers (Sandy Herrold) who really made a difference -- cueing up the vids and figuring out how to turn down the lights so we could see the screen.

Awards: I can only remember two: Flamingo entered a SH vid set to "La Vie En Loco" that won one of the awards. The Sentinel vid referred to below was by Gloria (I was told since they don't announce who made them) and set to a wonderful Nat Cole tune "Orange Colored Sky". Very original and I think it also won an award. Unfortunately her tape is $15 plus mailing for 9 vids. As much as I like a pretty cover, I am not certain whether I can afford it at that price.

What else.....some very funny X-Files vids, one nice HL vid to a song called "Shame, " and two powerful Homicide vids. The rest is a happy blur. I did only one vid (SH) set to a Melissa Ethridge song "Don't You Need." And am sad that they won't be making a con tape this year. Perhaps if they're stretched on time at the next con, someone here [on the Vidder mailing list] might be willing to volunteer."

The vid show lasted 2 and a half hours. Here is a list of the vids that were shown. (Vidders names are included where available):

Of note, the introduction of digital/computer vids. One attendee wrote: "Melina's vids were done digitally,and these were the first truly convincing case of digital vidding I've seen yet. I thought previous attempts were interesting, but were obviously poorer quality than analogue, showed evidence of dropped frames and excessive pixelation from compression problems; Melina's looked just perfect. AND she was restrained with the special effects. The fades and such could have been done on an ordinary mixer. I actually did not realize she had done them on a computer, which is the best test for good digital vidding we have right now."
Sandy Herrold followed with her own vid show review:
"There were about 25 vids entered, and (despite what someone said) there wasn't that much Sentinel. I'm remembering 5 or 6 total, and there were nearly that many XF.

Zoe said a bunch of things I agree with, but I wanna add more info:

  • La Vida Loca won best Humor
  • Orange Colored Sky won best Tech and best Overall
  • Some Sentinel one I don't remember won best Romantic

Carol's "We Care A Lot" (XF), which I really love. It's so rare to have a vid that centers around the Consortium; I really like the idea, as well as the execution. And of course, all of Carol's vids are technically excellent.

I agree-I loved this vid at Escapade. I do question the decision not to cut more to the beat at the very beginning, but from the time the lyrics start, this vid is perfect!

"Same Thing In Reverse" (SEN). I'm not sure who did this one, but I liked the concept and the execution was good, as well. It's reminiscent of the MC vid "Similar Features" and that's a theme that I like.

Yep, it was us -it's on MC#4 (Wow, we have an identifiable style...

"Don't Close Your Eyes" (DS). Okay, I hate country music, but this vid just grabs me every time I see it, and I'm not even a RayK fan. It's *so* romantic and tragic and angsty. Angie, I want to get a copy... Can you email me info on ordering a tape from Dementia Ink? Thanks!

I also enjoyed this one. And Angie,I saw some of your other vids at a room party -- including one to *Hard *Core *Logo! and I want your ordering info too!

"Shades of Gray" (HL). Again, the vidder is unknown. This was a Duncan-centric vid, focusing on his emotional growth from a young man in the 1400s to the present day, with his increasing awareness of moral stances other than black-or-white. (At least, that's *my* interpretation.

This was Melina, and I think your interpretation was spot on.

"Crucify" (HOM) by Pam Rose, I think. This is my all-time favorite Homicide vid, and it vies for the title of all-time favorite vid, period. She really captured Tim--and the Frankentim relationship--in a way that frequently made me gasp at the pure intensity of emotion throughout the vid.

This one was Pam Rose and Katharine Scarritt, and I agree with everything you said.

"Losing My Religion" (HOM) by Katherine and ?. My second favorite Homicide vid. What a perfect song for Mikey! The vid was technically fantastic; another emotionally evocative one. I ached for him at the same time that I was painfully aware of the fact that he'd brought about his own downfall. (What? Me, a Homicide fan? Nah.

This one was just Katharine. Both of these HOM vids are on MC#4, too.

"Too Sexy" (HL). This was just too funny! And I can't think of a better fandom for it. Highlander is just full of examples of Duncan posturing and taking himself too seriously. No idea who the vidder is, unfortunately.

This is Melina, again, and I'm virtually certain it's her first vid.

"Nobody Takes Me Seriously" (XF). I think it's pretty self-explanatory what this one was about--Mulder. Vidder unknown...

Vidder was Gwyneth Rhys, and it's also on MC#4.

"Secret Agent Man" (XF). The second this vid started, I wondered why it hadn't been done before, since it's *so* obvious once you see it. Terrific clips, IMO. Vidder unknown...

This is by Jocelyn (can't remember her last name); she went to college with a couple of the MC's, and over the last year, they've dragged her into vidding as well. She had two others in the show as well; a version of Iris and something else -- Iris was her first vid, Secret Agent her newest; it was cool to watch her getting better right in front of me...

I also enjoyed the S&H vid to "La Vida Loca." Of course, I...erm...kinda like the song anyway. But the clips seemed well suited to the song, and the timing was good.

I liked it too. I was sitting with a old SH fan who's a bit of a vidding Nazi, and she was a little disgruntled that something so relatively weak technically was getting so much crowd approval (i.e., that it was a sign of a untrained audience), but I disagreed. I also thought it was technically weak, but the vidder (?) has an eye for both motion and emotion, and it showed. Also, it was a perfect song for SH.

I wasn't nearly as impressed as everyone else seemed to be with "Orange Colored Sky." It left me cold.

I thought Orange Colored Sky was *very* good. I voted for it - for best technical.

And I'm with Jill on this one: $15 is too much for a tape with only 9 songs on it. I mean, *I* feel bad asking $10 (including postage-7 in person) for my tape of 18 vids. Admittedly, I don't have a snazzy color cover, but I do have a liner notes booklet.

Raise your hands if you laughed at the fact that the first follow-up to Jill's post was somebody asking for ordering info, though. There's always someone who's willing to pay. I wasn't up to $15, but I did walk over and offer to trade...

Carol's tape, however, was well worth the $9, and I would have gladly paid another dollar or two for it. It looks sharp, the liner notes are *fabulous*, and it's obviously a well-thought-out...product, for lack of a better word.

I couldn't agree more. Carol. Right now. Write a new flyer saying that the price is $10, and when people write you for ordering info, send them that one. While most of us agree you shouldn't gouge people, you shouldn't lose money, either.

I wish Z-Con had provided some kind of a list with the song title, fandom, and vidder name. Even if they didn't want to bias the audience by giving that out in the beginning, it would've been handy to have after the voting was over.

No kidding. They need to just get a non-ZCon volunteer for it, though. Currently they act like every single thing we ask for is asking *way* too much. Megan Kent asked after the show if they could just take the big pieces of paper (that listed all of the songs in order) and hang them in the dealers room so that everyone could reference them Saturday. They looked at her like she'd asked for their life's blood.

1997 Vid Show

This list was compiled by an attendee.

The winners:

  • Best Dramatic - Moments (S&H) Lynn Sparks
  • Best Humorous - Younger Men (mixed) Kathy Henebry
  • Best Technical - What I Like About You (Pros/Due South/The Sentinel) Media Cannibals
  • Best of Show - Hippy Boy (The Sentinel) Silly Bunts and Clucking Bells (Best of Show)

The vids:

3 Pretenders Kath H. Pros
Younger Men Kath H. Mixed
Original Sin Kath H. Forever Knight
Loving You Ann Walton Sentinel
Don’t You Forget About Me Lynn C. HL
Don’t Stand So Close to Me Lynn C. BtVS
The World We’re Living In Lynn C. HL
No One Is To Blame Chicago Loop XF
Out There The Loop XF
Man With the Child In His Eyes Sylvia Bond Pros
No Green Eyes Sylvia Bond Pros
I, Huckleberry Me Sylvia Bond Pros
Come to My Window Mary Schmidt Crying Game
Crossroads Mary Schmidt QL
One of Us Mary Schmidt Mixed
Easy Terms Robin K. SH
Follow You Down Stacey D SH
We Fly So Close Tolbran HL
I Remember LA Tolbran SH
Three Ravens Carolynn Conner HL

1995 Vid Show

Some comments about some vids:

"We also got a Vid Contest preview when all of the folks going to the Led Zeppelin contest wanted to see each others' vids and cue their tapes for the contest. A Pros vid to "Stray Cat Strut" was a big hit [at 1995 ZCon] and earned many a well-deserved moan at the contest, too" [1])

"Most memorable con moment was when I found out we won the Best of Show award for our "Stray Cat Strut" vid -- very rewarding feeling, that. I have to say, I'm surprised we finished that vid as quickly as we did, considering the number of Doyleys lounging around Sandy's living room, forcing her to pause to rewatch prime Doyle moments every few minutes, with loud sighs all 'round... Yeah." [2]

Early vid show information is hard to locate. This list was compiled by an attendee who, as she puts it, "was often distracted by the shiny, thus there may be gaps."

Song Vidder Fandom
I’m The Only One Stacey D S&H
Little Red Corvette Stacy D S&H
Here is Your Paradise H. Ann Walton Cadfael
To Know Him Is To Love Him H. Ann Walton DS
Man Of War Kath H. Pros
You’ve Got Something to Hide Kath H. British Actor
Play the Game Tonight Kath H. HL
Strong Enough Sylvia Bond Pros
Dimming of the Day Sylvia Bond Pros
Different Story Sylvia Bond Pros
Don’t Give Up On Us Baby  ? (possibly Liz K.) S&H
Can’t Stop Loving You Carolynn Conner Pros
Sci-Fi Carolynn Conner Mixed Media
Don’t Tell Me Lies Carol Conner Pros
In the Air Tonight Carol Conner B7
One Moment in Time Chris Soto ST
Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For  ? (possibly Adrian Morgan) B7
So Happy Together Carolynn Conner Muncle
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Tashery S. and Jill B7
Oh Promise Me  ? (possibly Gianna P.) ST
When He Shines  ? Pros
Where the Boys Are ? (possibly Kandy Fong) B7
Amazing Grace  ?  ?
This Time  ? (possibly Chris Soto) ST
Inside You  ? WG
Tapestry Mary Van Duesen STNG
What the Hell Is That? Gianna P. ST
Every Breath You Take  ? B7
Leaving the Straight Life Behind  ? B7
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown  ? (possibly Paul Kosinsky) SW
Hard Day’s Night  ? B7
I Think I’m Alone Now (?)  ?


No record of the vid show from that year has been found to date. The post-con progress report did list winners from the songtape conest:

Song Tape Contest.:

  • Best Dramatic to Gayle F.for "No Fear, No Hate, No Pain" (Miami Vice)
  • Best Humorous to Cybel Harper for "Walk Like a Man" (Quantum Leap)
  • Best Technical to the Chicago Station for "Java Jive" (Sandbaggers)
  • Best in Show to Tolbran for "Prince Charming Tango" (Professionals)


  1. from a fan in Rallying Call #16 (January 1996)
  2. In 1995, Alexfandra posted the following convention report to the Virgule mailing list, posted here with permission. Her convention report also included brief reviews of the fanzines she purchased: D-Notice, Nudge Nudge Wink Wink #4, and Leather and Blue Jeans #2. Check the zine pages for the text of these reviews.