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Name: We Like Girls
Owner/Maintainer: Kari
Dates: 2004 - c.2005
Type: hatelisting
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://youknowwho.org/harrydraco/ (Wayback, 2005)
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Graphic for the website

We Like Girls is a hatelisting for the Draco/Harry pairing.

It was created by the webmistress Kari and opened on 9th of January, 2004. The website is a hatelisting (the opposite of a fanlisting) and lists individuals who dislike the Draco/Harry pairing and find it unrealistic and odd. It went inactive circa 2005, however, whilst active the site gained over 60 members.


Why do I have such a grudge against Harry/Draco, you wonder? Because I think it's sad. First off, in case you haven't noticed, I have a big problem with Harry Potter slash in general. Before you start sending me hatemail about being a homophobe (which I get a lot of, so don't think you're the first), hear me out. I'm not a homophobe. No, I don't run away screaming when I see a homosexual (and yes, people, that's what a phobia is, in case you were wondering: a chronic fear). My problem is with Harry Potter slash. If the storyline you're interested in calls for a slash pairing, like a lot of manga and anime storylines do, then I have no problem with keeping the characters the way the author intended them to be. The key word there is intended.

Pairing Harry Potter with Draco Malfoy is one of the silliest things I've ever seen. It's like in most of the HP roleplaying storylines out there now-a-days, people actually expect you to automatically throw a newly-effeminate Harry with sex-god Draco, as if it were written in stone or something. That's when you know it's out of hand. Does anyone read the books anymore, or is their knowledge of canon drawn directly from the smut pages of FanFiction.net? Now, when I was still a fresh HP fan who had yet to come into contact with the often-times scary world of HP fan-dom, I had no idea people would actually deny Ron/Hermione, let alone make Harry gay with anyone, especially Draco. I mean, the boy sits and stares at Cho Chang like she's a piece of meat for half of the fourth book, people. That kind of tells you something about his sexual orientation, and I can safely say that, were he to have a thing for other males, we would have noticed by now. The same goes for Draco. He's dating Pansy Parkinson in the fifth book, there's no denying it. The same way Harry was dating Cho Chang in the fifth book. They both, to quote the title of this HL, like girls.

Sure, right now you're probably screaming at your monitor "I can write what I want in fanfiction, that's what it's for!" I agree. Write all the Harry/Draco fics you like. I'm not one of those snooty fans who fills your inbox with hatemail if you go against Ron/Hermione or Harry/Ginny (I don't even like Harry/Ginny). The purpose of this hatelisting is exactly what it sounds like: a place where people who are not fans of Harry/Draco to meet up. There are plenty of sites out there which support Harry/Draco, and you're welcome to go to one of them. Go on, knock yourself out.

I'm not saying you can't like what you want to like. All I'm saying is that I had to wade through way too many smutty Harry/Draco 'fanart' pieces on the Google image search directory to not know that J. K. Rowling would stab herself with a blunt object if she knew what was being done to her characters. Really, it's gone a bit too far.[1]

Why You Hate Harry/Draco

To join the hatelisting, users had to provide a reason for their hate of Harry/Draco. These reasons were later collected on a page titled comments. Most of the reasons bare similarity, many fans agreed that the image of Harry/Draco was disgusting. Some individuals stated they did not like slash and found it 'disturbing'. Though the site claims it isn't homophobic, the site has some clear instances of homophobia, notably shown through the clear dislike of sexual gay undertones in fanfiction. A collection of the reasons is shown below:


It's totally unrealistic and very unoriginal. Pairing the main character and the antagonist is over done. I like Draco and Harry but putting them as a couple is just ridiculous!


I like slash, but I think this particular pairing is kind of stupid. Draco is annoying and boring, and has no chemistry with Harry.


Maybe I'm just against all Slash but the image of Draco and Harry making out disturbs me GREATLY... *shudders*


I have always viewed Harry and Draco as straight guys, and the thought of Harry and Draco sharing a 'passionate kiss' does NOT sit well with me. I mean, disgusting! Even THEY have always said how much they hate each other! This is similar to the Draco/Hermione and Draco/Ginny ships. Likewise, NOT likely, and NOT something I want to read!


Slash is sickening- any slash. Especially because JKR would never have wanted this to happen, EVER!


Draco is evil through and through. He doesn't make "googly-eyes" at his worst enemy. He doesn't fall in love with anyone unless he was really trying to seduce them to his side for evil. And even then, it would be a girl. Even if he WAS gay, he wouldn't do anything about it. Family pride and honor means too much to that kid to actually lower himself to those standards!


The website has a section for meta essays. Only one essay was stored on the website. It was titled Draco Malfoy Is Not A Leather-Clad Bisexual Sex-God written by Kari, and is a rant against Draco depiction in fanfiction (i.e. the Fanon Draco characterisation). The writer argues that Draco is not handsome or bisexual, and claims that this common fanfiction depiction is going against canon.

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