When Hell Freezes Over

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Name: When Hell Freezes Over
Owner/Maintainer: Susy
Dates: 2004 - c.2006
Type: hatelisting
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://broken-vow.net/dg/ (Wayback, 2004)
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Site graphic, caption is a quote from Harry Potter and the words "Draco and Ginny? When Hell Freezes Over"

When Hell Freezes Over is a hatelisting for the Draco/Ginny pairing.

It was created by Susy and opened on November 10, 2003. The website is a hatelisting and lists individuals who dislike the Draco/Ginny pairing and find it unrealistic. It closed around 2006, however, it gained over 70 members whilst active.


A Hatelisting is basically the opposite of a fanlisting, instead of listing the fans of something in particular, it lists the people who hate that certain thing. This Hatelisting is for the Draco/Ginny ship of the Harry Potter world. Of all the ships that fans have produced, D/G has to be one of the worst and unthought about. To make D/G work you'd have to alter the world the wonderful JK Rowling has created and twist it until none of the characters are how they should be.(Aka, Harry and Hermione the true lovers [as if] Ron the idiot who gets in the way and eventually turns to Voldemort to try and win Hermione before ending up paired with Luna Lovegood or Lavender Brown, meanwhile, a suddenly good again Draco serenades Ginny outside her window and they go off to start a secret relationship, luckily forgetting their hatred for each other [what a gross, revolting, twisted world. ] So anyway, if you hate, or just dislike, or maybe just ship other partnerings you may continue to the rules...[1]

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